The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penang - Day 2

Today didn't go as well. First of all, they ran out of tow sa piah at Him Heang when BL drove us there. Bought some loose packs there and went to Gim Heang to buy more. Then BL brought us to eat both original and lemak version of Penang Laksa. RaeAnne had a meltdown at the coffee shop there. So embarrassing cos she was screaming and crying non stop and inconsolable. Hubby went off to buy 'pokey' to try and pacify her. I carried her out of the coffee shop and started pointing things out to her as if nothing happened. Finally she calmed down cos opposite the road, there was a cute tiger statue outside a gift shop with lots of hearts motif. Figured she was either too tired (she woke up many times to cough on Fri night) or too hungry, so we rushed back after that, never managed to go Tesco. What a short get together with BL. :(

Then after drinking most of her milk, she coughed and vomitted everything out. Had to quickly get housekeeping to clean the mattress and carpet. Then, she got energetic and refused to sleep, then overstimulated and had another meltdown until I got fed up cos she wouldn't stop screaming. Hubby took over and brought her out to the living room and she managed to nap on his shoulders then onto the sofa. I managed to catch a 30mins nap.

I decided to go and walk walk first at Gurney plaza around 5pm as she was still sleeping, missed my spa appt at 7pm cos she woke up at 6+pm. And we still needed to get dinner and I need to BF mei mei again. :P We had dinner at Manhattan Fish market, it was much cheaper. Something that costs $12.90 in Sg, costs only RM16.90 here. After dinner, made a detour to the spa and managed to book one of the last slots at 930pm. Went up to the room to BF Mei Mei before going down to spa again. Had a massage, scrub and jacuzzi soak. Felt quite cold during the scrub cos it was already almost 11pm by then. :P

Came back at 1120pm and RaeAnne was still wide awake. We did last minute packing cos the flight is 925am tomorrow and she finally slept ata 12+am. Got to wake up very early if we want to eat breakfast. Moral of the story, if travelling with kids next time, 3d2n is too short. Didn't manage to go to the open air food centre cos it was drizzling and didn't manage to bring the kids swimmiing. Didn't get to shop much either cos the luggage is still very empty. 4d3n would have been better. Okie, going to sleep soon. :)

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