The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Raelynn's first solids

As I promised, let Raelynn try solids after our Penang trip. :) She had her first taste of solids today, she is 6 months 1 week and 5 days old. Called TMC hotline and the LC asked me to give cereal 2.5 hours after her milk feed. Her milk feed was at 9am (surprisingly, she did not wake up for milk last night) but we went out at 10+am cos hubby 'sprained' his back carrying RaeAnne last week so we went to Ma Kuang at Eastpoint for tuina. So, I could not try giving her cereal at 1030am.

When we came back at 1pm, she was hungry so I BF her as usual. Then, I tried giving 1 teaspoon of the Organix First Baby Rice Cereal mixed with some EBM at 145pm. Thought she wouldn't be very hungry, but boy does she likes her cereals, she was trying to snatch my spoon rightaway. See video for proof. haha.

Then she started crying again at 330pm, thought it was too early for another milk feed or cereal so I ignored her and let the maid carry her. Finally at 430pm, I buay tahan and BF her again. Tried feeding her cereals again at 515pm, prepared 2 teaspoons with 20ml of EBM this time. And she finished everything again. She really has a good appetite cos she was crying at 8pm. :P

Good also, the LC recommends that I slowly increase the quantity of cereals until I can drop a milk feed. Think I can drop 1-2 milk feeds by end of the week at this rate. The good thing about cereals is that anyone can feed her, so hopefully I'll have more freedom after this. haha. :)

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