The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Packing list for Penang

It's time to work on my packing list for Penang since we will be flying off next Fri. I'm not worried if we forget anything because 1) it's just a 1 hr flight and we are only there for 2 nights 2) things are cheaper in Malaysia 3) We will be staying at G Hotel right next to Gurney Plaza which has everything (7 stories of shopping including Cold Storage and Toy R Us and Popular) YEAH!

Err... so why am I still making a list? Guess I'm OCD, rather have a list and pack the kiddos favourite toys, medicine etc than get pek chek cos we forgot this or that. :P

Hand carry (Diaper bag)
1. 1 cardigan/jacket for RaeAnne
2. 1 extra set of clothes each in a ziplock bag (shirt, bottom, panties for RaeAnne, extra sleeper/bib/face towel/hat for Mei Mei)
3. 5 Diapers for Mei Mei (3 fitti, 2 Mamy Poko)
4. 1 Diaper pants for RaeAnne
5. Cushie Traveller potty seat
6. Wet wipes (dettol and pigeon)
7. RaeAnne's Thermos water bottle
8. RaeAnne's cutlery - food scissors, noodle cutter, soup spoon, 1 fork, disposable plastic bowls
9. 1 Box of Yan Yan/Pokey & 1 pack of vit c sweets for RaeAnne
10. RaeAnne wet face towel in zipped pouch
11. 2 RaeAnne's toy + 2 books
12. 1 Raelynn's rattler/teether
13. 3 satchets of Friso3 milk powder
14. RaeAnne's milk bottle
15. Baby medicine (eg. Panadol syrup, runny nose med, 2 syringes, forehead plaster, calendula cream, mopiko)
16. Small plastic bags (for dirty diapers or wet panties)

Baby luggage Bag
1. RaeAnne - 3 sets of outdoor clothes (3 t shirts, skirt, 2 pants, dress), 5 panties/training pants, 1 hat AND 2 sets of long sleeve pyjamas, 1 set of short sleeve pyjamas,
2. Raelynn - 2 sets of Long sleeve shirt/bottom and 3 rompers, 2 pyjamas, 5 bibs, 5 face towels (2 soft ones for bathing), 2 hats (1 warm, 1 cool), 3 pairs of socks
3. Travel inflatable bathtub
4. Bottle brush and baby sponge in ziplock bag
5. bottle detergent
6. Baby clothes liquid detergent
7. Hangers and clothes pegs
8. 2 thin bath towels for the kids
9. RaeAnne's purple Konfidence Swimming costume
10. RaeAnne's light pink covered up towel dress
11. RaeAnne's arm floats
12. RaeAnne's waterproof black crocs shoes
13. Raelynn's light blue Konfidence Swimming costume
14. RaeLynn's pink swim nappy
15. Konfidence Sunblock spray for kids
16. California baby Swimming defense body shampoo and hair conditioner
17. Calendula bubble bath for RaeAnne
18. 1 milk bottle for Raelynn
19. 1 extra milk bottle for RaeAnne
20. RaeAnne's snacks (2 small boxes of Raisins, 1 pack ABC biscuits, 2 Doraemon UHT yogurt drink, )
21. 15 pieces of diapers for Raelynn (10 Fitti & 5 Mamy Poko)
22. 2 diaper pants & 2 Mamy Poko diapers for RaeAnne
23. 1 big pack of Pigeon wet wipes
24. Ruyi oil
25. Baby lotion
26. Eczema lotion
27. RaeAnne's cetaphil and hair shampoo
28. RaeAnne's comb
29. Raelynn head to toe shower gel
30. Mosquito repellent spray
31. Ear thermometer
32. Raelynn's head pillow and bean pillow and blanket
33. Sack and seat cloth seat
34. Baby bjorn carrier
35. Freestyle Breast pump + handsfree + charger
36. 4 medela pump milk bottles with caps
37. 2 ice packs
38. Black freezer bag
39. 1 lock & lock box with cover (to scald the pump parts and bottles)
40. Plastic bags (Big ones for wet swimming clothes, small ones for dirty diapers)
41. Portable DVD player and RaeAnne's DVDs???

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