The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tweaking the solids schedule

Tried it for a few days but have not been able to feed Raelynn cereals for 4 times a day cos she is either sleeping or not hungry yet esp the 9+am and 3+pm feed. My aunt and MIL also thinks it's bit too much to begin with. Today, we only managed to feed cereal 9+am and 1pm.

Yesterday, fed cereal only once cos we went out to Parkway and she woke up at 5am, earlier than usual for her milk feed. So, I think she probably needs 2 feeds of solids a day, my guideline will be to tweak the feeding schedule so that I can BF her once every 6 hrs and she can sleep through the night ie. wake up after 6am for feed. :P

6+am - BF RL
830am - RA wakes up
845am - BF RL then pump
9am - RA goes to school
930am - RL Bath
1045am - Pick RA from school
11.15am - RA has lunch
11.45am - Maid feeds RL cereals mixed with EBM while I have lunch
12+pm - BF RL
1245pm - Feed RA milk then put her to nap
3+pm - RA wakes up, give her a snack
5pm - Bath RL
5+pm - BF RL
545pm - Maid cooks rice
6pm - Maid prepares dinner
615pm - RA has dinner
645pm - Feed RL cereals
7pm - Have dinner while Maid showers RA
830pm - Feed RA milk
9pm - Put RA to bed
10pm - BF RL/hubby to bottle feed
11pm - Pump

1 comment:

The Kam family said...

Didn't read your schedule carefully in your previous post. 4x cereal a day? Way too much!!! Once or twice will be enough for the first month or so.