The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, June 18, 2010

The gals and Rosie Mei Mei

Raelynn is able to push off and stand with support. We first noticed her putting her hands on the bumbo chair and trying to stand but the bumbo chair is too low for proper support so she ends up looking like a gymnast. haha.

She is also crawling now and able to drink milk holding her own milk bottle. It never fails to surprise me that she is much faster than Cheh Cheh in all these areas but still not sitting properly. MIL said she will be able to sit by 7 months. Haha, maybe she knows that Cheh Cheh is not ready to relinquish her rights to her Maxi Cosi forward facing car seat and the high chair yet. Raelynn will need all this once she can sit straight. In the meantime, we are feeding cereals on the bumbo chair and tray. :)

Hubby is supposed to upload a video of Raelynn holding her own milk bottle and I'm still waiting... hint hint. ;)

RaeAnne had a meltdown on Tues night when she refused hubby and maid to wipe her and change her after she peed in her 'panties' and wet her shirt. Even though I intervened, she was still shrieking and screaming inconsolably. Could not talk any sense into her cos she was not listening. Not proud of it, but I beat her hard on her thigh. She cried even harder and woke Mei Mei up. I shut her in the study room for 30 secs while she screamed and cried. After that, she finally hushed and allowed us to put on clothes for her. Hubby said she was sobbing silently with face down on her bed after that. Poor gal. Mummy is sorry for being so hard on you but you just wouldn't listen.

Anyway, after that incident, we decided to put on diapers for her after she falls asleep since she refused to let us put on while she is awake. Tried it last night and she came to look for us at 4am, hubby ended up putting her on our bed to sleep. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well cos she was hugging me like her bolster each time she tossed and turned. :P

Wendy and Rosie came to visit just before we left for Penang. Cooked macaroni soup cos it was easier to feed both kids a soft diet. Rosie is much taller in this pic and luckily RaeAnne is not as territorial about her toys cos she still remembers Rosie Mei Mei. We took a group photo but this time, the 3 gals were not very cooperative, so can only see one clearly each time. :P

Today is our 7th dating anniversary. Hope to have a nice cosy meal with hubby with MIL looking after RaeAnne. :)

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