The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Penang - Day 1

Posting from g hotel. :)

The airasia flight was ok, delayed slightly due to busy runway. Impatient RA kept telling me "Mummy, I want to sit aeroplane now". Haha. :P I latched RL during take off and she fell asleep and was still asleep during the landing. Was worried about RA so packed 2 boxes of snacks for her (raisins, goat milk sweets, uht yogurt drink, biscuits etc), one for SIN-PEN and one for PEN-SIN. Just bought the tin of goat milk sweets for $19.90 on Thurs cos it's ok to take up to 30 sweets a day and it's not very sweet. Good for her to suck during take off and landing. :)

RA was so tired that she KO during the cab ride to g hotel cos it was nearly 2pm. Her usual nap time. But she woke up when she reached the hotel. We got upgraded to 1 bedroom service apartment cos the deluxe rooms we booked were full. A pleasant surprise though the apartment is worth RM700 compared to our room at RM440. They even gave us free buffet breakfast cos I know I didn't pay for it when I booked with RA loved the space and kept running from living room to room to couch and bath tub where they had a rubber ducky. She even told hubby the room is nice and she wants to stay here. Sorry darling, it's only our room for 2 nights. ;)

We went for late lunch around 330pm after we settled down and I BF Mei Mei at Gurney Plaza which is right next to g Hotel. First stop, A&W cos hubby loves the Coney hot dog and it's not available in Sg. Then we went shopping at Parkson, there was a sale going on and I pointed out some good buys to Filamie and she bought a t shirt and a pants for her son.

We bought a long sleeve Pigeon pyjamas set for RL at RM15.95 at Parkson, 1 pair of bb shoes for RL at RM15.30 at FOS and for RA - a Disney Princess sticker for RM1.50 and a rubber duckie bubble blower for RM12.90 at Toy R us. One lady queuing behind me at the counter was so distracted by RL that the cashier kept calling 'Miss, Miss' to get her attention cos it was already her turn. Her mum told me RL very cute and asked me if she's a boy. Haha, RL wearing white and pink bunny shoes, not girly enough meh? ;)

RA pooed in her pants so we rushed to find a nappy room and found one at Parkson Level 2. Quick change then we went to The Chicken Rice shop for quick dinner so that we can have an early night for RA.

But suay suay world cup started tonight and they have a live kick off telecast and stage show at g Lounge. It was so noisy and our room is right on top of the action at the 8th floor. Had a tough time putting RaeAnne to bed, everytime she heard the MC or cheering, she'll ask me "What's that? What's that?" She finally KO at 11pm. ;P

Tomorrow, asked my friend Beng Lynn to bring me to Air Hitam to eat penang laksa (hope I can eat 2 bowls), go Tesco and buy tow sa piah. :) Wanted to go for the Durian feast (june is the season for Penang) but all of us are sick so a bit scared to eat such heaty stuff. :P

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