The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day! :)

Today's a special day for Daddy cos it's his 3rd Father's Day but FIRST Father's Day with two lovely princesses. I think it's very apt that Father's Day falls on June cos it will always be school holidays and Daddy can rest more on this special day. He sprained his back carrying RaeAnne two Mondays ago and his back still hurts after Tuina on Monday so he needs to rest even more.

We all know how busy teachers are after the much publicised letter to ST Forum documenting a teacher's day of work by Ms Aishah Quek. But hubby is even busier cos his second shift starts from he gets home. He makes an effort to come back early usually by 630pm. He'll help me feed or entertain RaeAnne or carry/watch over Raelynn while I pump or have dinner or quick shower and while the maid has dinner and washes the dinner and showers. Sometimes, he will also feed RaeAnne milk and medicine. He is always the last to shower and only does that after I go to the room to try and put RaeAnne to sleep.

After I get RaeAnne to sleep, he will help to change her out of training pants into diapers (since she still refuse to wear them at night), apply anti 'nail bite' solution on her fingers and toes (we started since 2 weeks ago, luckily it's working ;P) After I come out of RaeAnne's room usually around 10+ - 11+pm, I will start to pump while surfing the net and update our blog. Hubby will always offer to prepare or buy supper for me cos I'm always hungry as a BFing mummy. After I pump, he helps me to transfer and store the EBM before starting to mark his scripts and prepare for lessons. He also helps me to massage to prevent blocked ducts. He also has to listen to my grouses of the day regarding the kids and the maid at bedtime. Hee. Needless to say, we sleep very late at night cos there is so much to do.

If RaeAnne wakes up in the middle of the night (which is too often), he helps me to carry and put her back to sleep at least once a night. Many times, he will KO beside her cot bed on the tiny multipurpose bumper mat that is smaller than his own body which explains his chronic backache. He is up very early at 6+am every morning though he gets less than 5 hrs of sleep everyday. He will help me feed RaeAnne milk if she wakes up early before leaving the house at 7am. Cos I'll be tired and trying to sleep in more after BFing Mei Mei at 5+ - 6+am and can't wait to hit the sack again instead of handling RaeAnne.

Typical of his quiet and unassuming self, Daddy didn't want any big celebration so I only gave him a laminated photo composite of our recent Bambini photo shoot and a photo holder and a Famous Amos cookie. No photos either cos it's not Daddy's style. No fancy dinners, not even a cake cos we always buy one for FIL so two cakes in 1 day is a bit too much. But we did share a slice of cheese cake today at China Square Central, hubby's favourite place cos of the Sunday flea market where he can browse for toys. ;)

I am very lucky to have such a hands-on and loving hubby. I hope that when the gals grow up, they will also find hubbies who dotes on their kids and willing to share the responsibilities of parenting instead of being a father who just plays with his kids. He really sets the bar high for our future Sons-in-law.

Thank you for everything, Dada/Daddy! We Love You! Happy Father's Day! :)

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