The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dec Holiday Plans

I know it's too early to be planning for Dec holidays when June hols is not even over. But I have been putting a lot of thought into it because 1) Hubby finally agreed to have a real holiday (aka not just Malaysia) and 2) RaeLynn will be turning 1 on 2 Dec so I got to plan both her birthday celebration and Dec holiday at the same time. 3) Stating the obvious here, but YES I LOVE TO TRAVEL.

Here are some of the places I thought of and the pros and cons plus the suggestions and reviews of places that my online mummy friends contributed. Better jot it down so that I won't end up asking them again next time. :)

1) Package tour to Taiwan with the 2 gals and MIL
Pros - no need to plan, all inclusive including kids resorts
Cons - Very exp, around $1500 per head (incl taxes) cos both gals will be over 1 year old by early Dec so they only get $200+ discount. If MIL is not willing to go with us, then may have to leave RL behind with the maid and MIL cos we can't cope with 2 and keep up to pace with a tour group and it's too exp to bring RL cos she doesn't occupy any extra bed nor will she eat any food on tour.

2) F&E holiday to Taipei
Pros - cheaper cos RL is less than 2 years old so only need to pay infant fare for airticket.
Cons - got to plan everything ourselves and moving around to sights will be a problem. Most sights need both a train ride plus bus ride, too tiring for 2 kids below 3 years old. Taipei's night market and hotspring are not kids friendly attractions. :P

3) F&E holiday to Japan
Pros - My cousin stays her so can bunk in with her and save on accomodation but all 4of us got to sleep on her sofa bed. :P
Krystle - Japan is good place to bring kids. I think they will enjoy themselves. Go Disneyland + DisneySea are already 2 full days well-spent. Then food wise is ok coz most places served kids' meals. If not, fast food is avail everywhere too. I think other sightseeing places are nice for kids to see and run about too. Like Hakone, Meiji Shrine, castle etc. Then there are also many indoor theme parks. I know there is 1 ice-cream theme park in Sunshine city.

Wah, your cousin lives there then can consider to bulk in. But keep in mind that apt in tokyo is very small so you got to check with your cousin if there is space for your family loh. Even if there is living room, the size is like our bedrm here. Then with the furniture etc, practically not much space to sleep. :p Another thing is transport. Coz now there are still quite a lot of train stations that don't have lifts. So if bring stroller maybe a challenge. But they are building more now. Then dec quite cold. So got to buy winter clothes for your kids and then your luggage will be quite bulky. Forgot to tell you that some factory outlets/shopping centres have play area for kids nearby so can keep the children occupied.
Cons - It will be colder there compared to Taiwan. I have already been to Japan 2 times, a bit wasted to go again if I can't see Mt Fuji nor Sakura. :P

4) Phuket
Sharon raved about Movenpick Resort, Phuket. She stayed at the Movenpick Resort at Karon Beach and literally did not leave the resort at all, except to the beach.

The Movenpick is one of the most kid friendly resorts I have ever been. It had 3 huge pools, a large outdoor playground and indoor kids zone, complete with nannies for hire. Ah, the nanny service we discovered a tad bit late but it is definitely a huge plus for parents who just need a break to get away to the spa or catch up on sleep. The cost of in-room nanny hire is 200 baht ($8) per hour and every subsequent kid is 100 baht. They will bathe, feed, play with the kids as per your instructions.

At the resort's restaurants, there were always willing Thai service staff who would happily hold your baby while you tucked in your meal. That's the beauty of Thailand - the people rak luuk (love kids). Talking about restaurants, I must say the breakfast at the Movenpick, especially the croissants, donuts, and danish pastries, were very good. All freshly baked and piping hot! Oh and of cos, the ice-cream - premium Swiss ice-cream that costs a day's wages for the Thais (175baht) but oh so wonderful on a hot day, after the beach!

5) Genting
Pros - Cool weather and the indoor entertainment park should be just right for RaeAnne now.
Cons - I hate the long coach ride and don't think the gals will enjoy going round and round on the way up. But if we fly there then rent a transport up to Genting like one of the mummies did, think it should be fine.

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