The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a little princess

It all started on 28 May when my cousin Licius gave RaeAnne her first Princess Snow white doll. Then hubby bought Disney Snow White and the seven dwarves DVD for her, thought it's too long a movie for her to appreciate, but she loved to watch it although not from start to finish yet. Then a few days later, we went to Popular to buy the Walt Disney Snow White and seven dwarves story book which further fuelled the Princess craze. Since then, she has been asking us to read Princess book to her every night before bedtime. We have been reading it for 2 weeks and we got to repeat the story a few times every night.

I've read the story so many times that I can almost memorize it. The story book we bought was a hard cover book but not a board book. So, the fact that she didn't tear any of the pages nor scribble on it shows how much she loves the book. It also came with a read aloud CD so we tried to play it on the CD player (anything to save ourselves from reading it again and again). But if she hears the CD, then she wants the visuals that come with it (aka the DVD) and yes, she still wants us to read the story. The good thing is, she knows the story so well that even when hubby tests her and asks her to 'fill in the blanks' as he reads, she can do it. Eg. Once upon a time, there was a little princess called _Snow White_, and her evil stepmother __The Queen__ will ask her _Magic Mirror_ who is the most beautiful etc. We even took a photo of her with Snow White cut out at Parkson Grand, Gurney Plaza, Penang. ;)

The only thing that she got it wrong is that she thinks that Snow White is making a 'roti prata' when she saw the illustration of Snow White using a rolling pin to make the dough of a gooseberry pie. Ok, Mummy accepts full responsibility for that error cos I'm hardly a baker (unless I use ready Betty crocker mixes) so she has never seen me use a rolling pin before (for the record, I don't even own one), let alone see Mummy bake a pie. On the other hand, Hubby has brought her to see 'flying demonstrations' of roti prata at Century Square many times. So, it's no wonder that she made that connection, flat and white and can eat one = roti prata. Hahaha.

Yesterday, we even brought her to Parkway Parade cos there was a Disney Princess promotion going on. They were having a Princess Snow White dolls lelong sale at Isetan, one for only $9.90 so clever RaeAnne asked me to buy one for Mei Mei and one for Mummy. But Mummy negotiated to only buy one for Mei Mei cos I don't need a Princess doll, hehe cos I'm the Queen mah. With minimum purchase of $80 you can dress up as one of the Disney Princess and have a photo taken and bring home the photo in a pretty Disney Princess photo frame. I asked her but she was too shy and not keen to have an aunty comb her hair or do make up for her. Maybe when she gets older, she'll be more 'hiao'. For now, she is happy to take her photo with Dopey since her favourite dwarves are Dopey and Happy. Haha.

Anyway, Hubby is sick and tired of Snow White so we are now hunting everywhere for Walt Disney Cinderella DVD and Walt Disney Cinderella story book. Anything but Snow White... Tried everywhere from Popular to Kino before we found a collection of Disney stories which has Cinderella but went to Laser Flair and Gramophone but they are out of stock for the Cinderella DVD. Anyone has lobang from Amazon? ;P

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