The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Backdated posts

Haven't blogged in a while. Ironically, I'm blogging less since hubby started his school hols last Fri cos we keep going out with the gals. haha. Ok backdated post from last Wed.

Hubby came back early at 4+pm so we decided to bring the gals swimming. Put on the pretty old navy rashguard that I bought for RaeAnne but she only wore it once so far. It was a tight fit for RaeLynn esp the collar area but she looks cute in it. But Raelynn didn't take very well to the pool. She looked petrified and cried in all the photos I tried to take when hubby was holding her. I hope it was because she was shocked by the cold water. She looked more warmed up after I held her tight and only let her feet touch the water for a while at the baby pool. Put on her neck float for her and she floated with us in the training pool.

Hubby took childcare leave and we left the 2 kiddos at MIL house while we went shopping at Isetan private sale and Taka sale. Bought much lesser than I thought. Wanted to get the Graco step 2 booster car seat at discount at $99 less 10% but didn't get it in the end cos hubby said we don't need it yet. Also, I hesistated cos the colours were more for boys. Either navy blue with robots or turqoise blue. Duh...

We brought the 2 gals for their jabs. RaeAnne - H1N1 and chickenpox booster, Raelynn - 3rd 6-in-1 and Rota virus. Raelynn developed fever but we gotta monitor RaeAnne longer cos fever due to chicken pox vaccine only comes on after 5 days. Hubby wanted to go to Expo sale but the queue was super super long so we gave up halfway and went to Parkway instead. Ate the famous Apollo wet char kuay teow, dim sum and kuay chap. I had koi milk tea again. Went to visit my 2nd aunt in the evening cos my cousin is back from China and wanted to see Raelynn. RaeAnne peed in Su-Anne's cheh cheh's potty. My cousin brought a Snow White princess doll for RaeAnne. She loves her princess. :)

We went out in the evening and brought RaeAnne to the library. Went to TM and ate at Crystal Jade after that. RaeAnne was hungry and ate quite a lot of rice. She peed in the toilet at the restaurant using the travel potty seat I bought. Hubby brought RaeAnne to Kiddy Palace to buy a new Elmo DVD ("Elmo goes to the doctor" has been played to death and hubby couldn't take it anymore) ;) I brought the maid to Tampines1 and bought a $10 swimming costume for Penang cos hotel has a pool. Have not decided whether to give it to the maid or pass her my old one. :P

Hubby and I went for yoga at CC then I went for my last session of post natal massage at Rustic Nirvana. Hubby went to HMV and bought Snow White and the 7 dwarves DVD for RaeAnne. Went to Taime warehouse sale at bedok after that but only bought 1 hanging toy and a rattler for Raelynn. :P Went to my mum's place for dinner. RaeAnne pooed in her pants even though we kept bringing the potty for her to poo. Went to nearby pasar malam on our way home and I bought more Snow white and disney princess stickers, panties for RaeAnne. :)

Brought RaeAnne to toy r us to buy some bubble solution and we went to Swensons for lunch. RaeAnne hardly ate her burger kiddy meal. Should have just ordered 2 main course and let her share with us, save $. Bought her new 'favourite' Snow White and the 7 dwarves picture story book for her. But never mind, there is 1-for-1 promotion for weekday set lunch at Swensons. RaeAnne told hubby she wanted to 'ng ng' 不要 shh shh, and pooed in her potty. Good gal! :)

Cooked dinner at home. Bee tai mak soup but I'm hungry by 8pm so we went for supper at Ikea. RaeAnne tried meatballs for the first time and she loves it. She peed at the ikea toilet which has a kiddy seat but I didn't even need to bring out my travel potty seat. :)

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