The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 21 months today!!!

RaeAnne is 21 months today, she is 11kg (according to MIL who weighed her at noon) and 83cm tall. She has 16 teeth now and loves to eat adult food. Her recent new words are black shoe, black bird, nyuk (hakka for meat courtesy of FIL), purple, cookie monster, morning. Basically, we just need to repeat the word and she'll imitate the pronounciation. Not perfect imitation but enough for us to understand that she is trying to say the same word. :)

RaeAnne loves to throw things, take tissue, wipe floor, wipe table for us too. She can identify our shoes and will point and take our shoes for us when we are going out. She'll take out her own shoes and kick them off once we reached home. Once I washed my Crocs Audrey but the ribbon is not dry so I wore another pair of shoes. She keeps pointing at my Crocs and said Mummy Mummy asking me to wear that pair of shoes. So, now I've a little maid and a real maid at home.

In the last 2 months plus after I sent RaeAnne to playgroup, she learnt to talk more, make greetings, keep her toys, Tell us to keep quiet by putting her finger on her lips, sing lyrics of songs (only a few words), music and movement, will shake hands with other kids when we ask even though they just met at the park, etc. But I'll miss her baby-ish side too if she grows up too fast. So, for now, I'm happy when she runs back and to hold my hand when she wants to walk up the steps. If walking down, she skips down the step on her own.

Naughty gal is still waking up 2-3 times every night in her own room despite me and hubby putting her to sleep. She loves Daddy to carry her to sleep. Sometimes, even rejects me cos I will only lie down on the bed with her until she falls asleep. Usually after 6am, hubby will transfer her to our bed when she wakes up and cries cos he needs to get ready for work liao. Poor mummy got to try and entertain her and sometimes she falls asleep in 15-30 mins (usually after another milk feed) or not at all. :P

She loves to walk now or be carried now, refuse to use the stroller whether going to school or going to the park. :P She is still stubborn as ever, she insisted on ye ye closing the gate when he opened the door for us. Finally her palm got caught between the two folds of the gate. Luckily it's red but didn't bleed. :P

Sleeping peacefully on our bed at 830am, just before I wake her up :)

Making funny faces when I try to take a nice photo of her

Running to her own bed when I ask her to go out to brush teeth and wash face. Duh, still in denial. :P

ILs brought her to the park in the evening, here she is, flashing her signature '见牙不见眼' smile. So difficult to take nice photos of her nowadays. :P

Took a photo of her 'black' tooth (see the left molar) to convince her to brush her teeth cos she keeps refusing to brush her teeth in the mornings cos the toothpaste is 'la4 la4'.

Showed her this pic and asked her what she ate, why her teeth so black, she got the cheek to tell me 'biscuit'. Faint! She is rejecting both pigeon and First teeth toothpaste. I don't know what other brands to try next. :P

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