The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Counting... Two, Tree, Four, Six...

Took a long time trying to put RaeAnne to sleep just now. Started trying at 930pm and she only slept at 11pm. She's very energetic cos she had a 3.5 hours nap at Ye Ye house. As usual, she rattles on and on while lying on the bed. Most days, it's Night.... Night.... Aunty.... Aunty..... She's trying to say good night to Filamie who is fast asleep after the first good night.

Then she surprised me by chanting Twoo, Tree, Foour, Six. She repeated it twice before sleepy Mummy realised that my little gal is trying to count. Haha. I wonder if it was the playgroup teachers who taught her to count. Or is it because I always count the floors for her when we are going up or down in the lift.

So, I taught her that it should be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. But she keeps dropping the 1 cos her favourite number is 2, she'll raise her 2 fingers and she loves to count 2. And after I taught her, she keeps chanting 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Selective counting, haha.

A mummy once said don't underestimate our kids. It may seem like they don't know many things but they are absorbing like a sponge. One day they'll shock us with what they know. True indeed. :)

On that note, glad I ordered 2 kumon books from BP for her. Collected the Kumon books from Babyling in the evening cos she stays quite near to MIL's place. RaeAnne already went through 5 pages of 'doodling' with her colour pencil in her "Let's Colour" Kumon workbook. I'm keeping the "Let's stick and paste" books first cos I expect it'll be very messy. :P

Oh ya, RaeAnne has a swollen bruise on her right shin and Daddy was cracking his head trying to solve the mystery of what might have caused the bruise. They were not fingerprint bruises which Filamie 'imprinted' on her during the first week when she started sleeping in the same room. She would struggle when Filamie tries to carry her when she wakes up crying and Filamie will grab her by one leg. She doesn't know the right way to hold a baby (strange considering that she has a 8 yr old son. :/) But we have warned Filamie and taught her the correct technique so we don't see those '铁砂掌’bruises anymore.

Back to the new bruise, I'm also not sure what she knocked into but when Daddy asked her if she fell down, she nodded her head. FIL said the bruise started yesterday so must go ask the playgroup teacher tomorrow if she fell down at the playground on Monday.

Today, teacher Chris surprised me by telling me that the playgroup has been invited to perform at some RC event at the Premiere (the new DBSS flats) on 7 Nov. She asked me if RaeAnne has a fisherman hat (yes, she does) and if we would allow her to perform with her classmates (Err... my little gal perform? Me and hubby truly think that she will help to 'ruin' the show instead. Haha.)

At 20+ months, she is not even listening to our instructions and will insist to do her own thing with her favourite NO! NO! NO!. But then, just now hubby asked her if she wants to perform and she nodded her head. Oh well, after the 2, 3, 4, 6 surprise, I'm willing to let her try anything as long as it is safe. The exposure will be good for her. Keeping fingers crossed that she won't cry on stage or end up being traumatised. One thing for sure, Mummy will be there with a video cam to document her first stage performance, hee hee. ;)

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