The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bloom shot at Studio Loft.....

Went for bloom shot at Studio loft today. Wanted to do it when preggie with RaeAnne but Daddy convinced me that better to take 'quan jia fu' after she was born. Since Raelynn is no. 2 and not sure if we will have no. 3, decided to take some 'preggie' shots as a souvenir of my big tummy days.

We were late n rushing then still got to do make up. Our fault actually cos RaeAnne woke up early at 7am but we were too tired from her nocturnal wakings last night to do anything fast. I woke up at 8am. :P

Had told Daddy about the photo shoot a few months ago but since it was my suggestion and not something he was keen on. He basically left me to plan everything. From our clothes to RaeAnne's clothes, to toy/props to bring for RaeAnne and Raelynn. Even when I asked him if we should mount the family cartoon onto a board and make it look more presentable for the photo shoot, he said no need. I thought of which tops to bring (white and red tops) but didn't realise that we will need coordinated bottoms as well. End up Daddy's blue jeans were all at Nai Nai's house so we needed to make a detour to pick up the jeans.

Super slow traffic at PIE and CTE, that's the trouble with people like us who seldom venture out of Tampines area. Don't know when the 'morning rush' starts on weekend. Managed to park at mosque street, many parallel parking lots cos morning but only at 10am.

I paid extra $80 for make up/hair. Kelly? (shucks forgot her name) did my make up and helped to touch up the dark eye rings and blemishes. She straightened my hair with a straightening iron and blew it a bit but with no hair spray or fixing agent, my hair was still quite messy during some of the shots especially when the fan is on. Luckily, RaeAnne had fun playing with the toys and props while Daddy and her waited for me.

MaryAnn was a bit impatient (probably because we started 30mins late) and she still had 2 shoots lined up at 11am and 12noon. With a list of instructions Eg. face the light, tilt your eyes and smile towards camera, lift your left leg, hold up your left foot, straighten your shoulders, No, left leg higher, don't hunch, push out your butt more, your hair is dropping down, push it back on the left/right etc. Very difficult to smile naturally while 'holding' my position while facing a photographer who was rushing and hardly smiled. Think my solo shots showed the stress I was feeling so they neither look very natural nor happy. Definitely more stressful than my wedding photography studio shot even though I remember I was sick on that day.

I even had a series of photos in the red polo shirt where my left sleeve was not flipped properly and it was not detected by the photographer (can see how rushed the photoshoot was since the photographer didn't even notice it). Quite a pity cos the red series looked nicer than the white series.

We couldn't use the family cartoon for the photo shoot in the end cos it looks too unfinished. Maryann said there was ooo much white space as it was just drawn on a piece of A4 paper and the cartoon was too small :( Luckily, I brought along Raelynn's album of ultrasound scans. So, at least there was 1 photo for Raelynn, think she will feel left out if she saw the photos in future and there was not a single 'photos' to symbolize her in the entire shoot. :P

So, end up chosing more family shots with a smiling RaeAnne instead. Felt that it was difficult to capture her smiling nicely (instead of the usual 'see teeth no see eyes' poses) so rather pay for her photos. The bloom package included 1 8R and 5 5R so I kept shortlisting and shortlisting and end up paying for extra 7 shots at $15 each.

Raeanne was very grouchy on the car ride home, I had to pacify her and let her sit with me for a while in the front seat. Luckily we tapow mac back so had a quick lunch. Daddy showered her cos he ate in the car while driving (no mean feat). After her milk, she knocked out at 2pm n just woke up at 430pm. 2.5 hours, quite an accomplishment considering she was alone in her cot while Daddy and I caught up on sleep.

Since the fridge was bare, there was nothing to cook so we went out for dinner at Sakae sushi at 530pm. RaeAnne kept choosing an 'Elmo' shaped rice kiddy set (rice with tempura) so we gave in thinking we can give her chawanmushi instead of the tempura. But we didn't realise that it was the uncooked ebi roe that gave Elmo its rosy hue. Didn't dare to give her raw food yet so we ordered a few more sushi and took out the rice for her. She loves her yakult drink though we diluted it in a cup. :) Daddy and I fed her first while the maid ate so we ended not eating much. :P

Went to NTUC to stock up on groceries and reached home at 8:15pm. She slept at 10.10am after her shower and milk feed. :)

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