The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

32 weeks, 8 more weeks to go.... :)

32 weeks now, saw Dr Joycelyn Wong at TMC in the evening. At 31 weeks and 6 days. Baby Raelynn is 1.8kg and I've only put on 500+g this time. Weight now is 54.4kg and my waistline is already 39.5 inches. Faint! :P Raelynn gained 400g so hoping my weight gain has reach a plateau, already gained 12 kg so far from 42kg. ;) Dr Wong projects that Raelynn will be 3.2kg at 40 weeks. Her head is 29cm (average for now) and she's head down since 28 weeks so gynae said she'll stay down cos no more space for her to move up. Head is not very low and not engaged yet so no need to worry about preterm labour.

Dr Wong will start seeing me every 2 weeks from now on to monitor my progress. She also reminded me of the labour signs to watch out for (water bag burst or bleeding or contraction pain that gets worse and worse) :)

If contraction pain, need to activate hubby once it reaches 10 mins frequency and need to leave home for hospital once it reaches 5 mins frequency. Checked with Dr Wong regarding pain relief. She said for second time MTBs, if want epi, must take it between 3-4cm dilated. If dilated beyond that, then too late liao. Still have not decided whether to go for it cos my first dilation was very slow. She was reassuring as usual. She said for her no. 2, when she went to hospital with pain, she was only 2cm dilated, so decided on epi. She said for most 2nd MTBs, the really bad pain lasts for 1.5 hours if never use epi. She also shared that the gas and pethidine don't work well for the pain. Oh well, we'll see. Hope I make the right decision when the day comes. :P

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