The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The princess and the pea

No, we DO NOT have a hundred mattress in the house but after buying another cot today, I'm reminded of Princess and the pea because the number of kiddie beds/cots stands at a grand total of 3! Seems like an overkill since we only have 2 kids. :P

The 'baby' room already has an ikea queen size sofa bed and a big white Taurus cot belonging to RaeAnne. I also have a Arm's reach cosleeper bassinet beside our bed which we never kept though we only used it until RaeAnne was 6 months old. The bassinet is not recommended after 6 months or once the baby can turn/flip because there is only one level and 1 side is 'open' concept.

Debated whether to buy a second cot cos the house is really too small but I wanted to start sleep training for Raelynn on the right foot. For RaeAnne, we made many mistakes, in the day, she was sleeping on the bouncer in the living room, then she slept on the queen size ikea bed with the CL during my 40 days confinement. At ILs place, they put her to sleep on a bouncer and even tried the sarong. Then after confinement, she slept on the cosleeper bassinet in our room until 6 months when we moved her to the big white cot in her own room. When she refused to fall asleep in the cot, we put her to sleep on our bed then moved her to the cot in her room after she has fallen asleep. Then, when her teething hit big time in June this year, she coslept with us on our bed cos hubby was too tired to keep patting her back to sleep and putting her back to her cot only to have her wake up and the cycle starts all over again.

I think the easiest time to sleep train is when she is still a baby. I heard of parents whose babies have no problem falling asleep on their own in a cot because right from the moment the baby left the hospital, the baby was left alone in the cot to fall asleep on his own. Parents should not rock or use other sleep aids cos that will make the baby reliant on this sleep aids and as a result, they cannot self soothe and go back to sleep when they wake up. So, I thought if we have a cot for Raelynn, we can put her to sleep there right from the beginning and save ourselves the hassle of sleep training and retraining over and over again.

Got to know from forum that Metro was having a baby fair and there's a Shears cot on offer at $159 with free 4 inch mattress and free musical mobile. Couldn't find the ad on Straits Times (it was actually Friday's Today newspaper) but located the ad on the website.

Went down to see the cot today at Sengkang Metro and tried the cot side release mechanism. Very particular about this because for RaeAnne's cot, I needed two hands and 1 leg to lower the cot side. Very pek chek, cos I could NEVER lower it even with 2 hands free, let alone when one arm is already carrying a baby. :P The Shears cot was smaller than RaeAnne's cot at 65cm (W) x 124cm (L) x 120cm (Ht) and it has only 3 adjustable levels and feels rather flimsy. But the cot side is more easily released, best using 2 hands but still possible to do it with 1 hand with some skills.

Went to Kiddy palace to compare prices and their cheapest and smallest cot was 67cm x 128cm and it costs $199 just for the cot and need to top up another $49 for the 4" inch mattress. Decided to buy the Shears cot from Metro since it's a steal since the price is comparable to Ikea cot or a second hand cot.

We were home rather late and RaeAnne fell asleep in the car at 1+pm. Reached home and put her to her little bed but she woke up soon after that. All of us went down to wash car since we have lots of second rinse water from this morning's laundry. RaeAnne was very excited and happy to witness the whole cleaning process. She kept running around say 'And And' cos there were many ants in the carpark especially under the big tree. She also dipped her fingers into the dirty water in the pail when I was busy giving instructions to Filamie about the windscreen. I already told her not to do that and pulled her away many times. Naughty gal, too curious and wants to join in the 'fun'. :P

Had facial at 4pm today so I rushed to pick up some missing ingredients at Tampines NTUC cos decided to try the Baked macaroni with cheese recipe from Little Gastronomy.

It was one of the more tedious recipes I tried (many steps and preparation) but I'm glad it turned out to be a success. Bad thing is I found out that RaeAnne doesn't like cheesy stuff (like Mummy) cos hubby said she ate around 10 pieces of macaroni at most. :P

Today is 中秋节but we were too busy cooking dinner to 赏月,it was raining anyway. But we did have pomelo to celebrate the occasion, nearly forgot about the pomelo in the goodie bag that we got from the celebration at the park last week. The pomelo was nice and sweet, just slightly bitter and helped to take away the 'jelat'ness of the Mac & cheese. Even RaeAnne likes it. :)

We were still left with half a dish of baked cheese macaroni after all of us have eaten (3 adults and 1 toddler). Duh, looks like we got to have that for breakfast tomorrow. Baked cheese macaroni, anyone? ;P

Hubby tried putting RaeAnne to sleep when I left the house for my facial but she refused to nap. So, we tried putting her to bed earlier today at 9pm. She got cranky cos she couldn't settle to sleep. End up hubby and I had to take turns to carry her before she finally fell asleep on hubby's shoulders then we transferred her to her bed. Sigh. :P

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