The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

RaeAnne is a good gal today! Because she ate most of the stir fried macaroni for lunch. Maybe it helped that I ate my lunch with her while Filamie fed her. She even tried to scoop macaroni for me and wanted to feed me. Her romper and pants are all stained with ketchup sauce after the meal but it's part and parcel of her learning to self feed process. :P

Last night, RaeAnne woke up at 2.25am screaming for Daddy, daddy. Hubby slept very late and was knocked out so I decided to lie down beside her and soothe her back to sleep. The next time, she woke up, it was 7.15am so I consider this an improvement from previous nights.

I made milk for her at 1:15pm. She was a bit sleepy I think, at least she was willing to lie on her bed instead of running around but she kept farting and true enough she poo poo around 2:15pm (she didn't do it when I brought her to toilet at 2pm, she peed instead). Told Filamie to lie down on her mattress and pretend to sleep and ignore her whatever she do.

Finally, at 3pm, after she exhausted herself running from her bed (where I was lying down) to Filamie's side, and playing with the ABC mat on the floor, she knocked out on Filamie mattress with her body on the floor from waist down. She woke up at 430pm refreshed and in good mood. I was sitting on the floor using my laptop when she woke up.

Made pan fried salmon with some salt and pepper (it kept oozing oil on its own that I had to use 4 kitchen towels to soak up the oil before giving it to RaeAnne), got Filamie to fry egg omelete and I made local spinach soup using ikan bilis stock with fish cake.

MIL gave me the fishcake and it expires tomorrow. Paranoid about the MSG listed as one of the ingredients so washed it with water twice and soaked it with hot water. Since it's Children's day, asked hubby to come back a bit earlier so that we can go out after early dinner. Initially wanted to go to TM but decided on Giant so that I can buy big flower pots to repot my pandan leaves. Bought a small dustbin for RaeAnne (she loves to step on our house's pedal bins and 'Thow' things but most times she uses her hand to lift the lid.) So dirty! So I decided to get a small one for her to play and thow things in. Can ask Filamie to wash her little dustbin everyday. Also got her a barn puzzle game with die cuts of the animals. :)

We came back at 915pm and after everyone showered, it was 10pm when I gave her milk. Luckily, she fell asleep around 10:25pm tossing and turning on her bed with me beside her. Hope this is the start of earlier nights from now on. :)

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