The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swimming... :)

Been wanting to bring RaeAnne swimming for the longest time. We haven't gone swimming since June when we went to the water play area at the zoo. Since it's the long weekend, asked hubby to bring her to nearby swimming pool to swim. Wanted to swim with her initially but I'm too big now and even my L size swimming tankini is too short to hide my tummy. So, Daddy went to the baby pool with her while Mummy stayed on the sideline to inflat her float, take photos and videos etc. ;)

She swallowed a bit of water when the water was a bit choppy when she's too rough. Daddy carried her and let her glide through the water, but she didn't enjoy it very much cos she doesn't like getting her ears wet (she's also like that when she showers) She likes splashing the water, walking around and dragging the new swim float though. Hubby brought her to try the water slide and she wasn't afraid either. :)

After Filamie and I showered her at the pool, no mean feat cos the kiddie toilet has those rainshower and water saving shower head that you have to keep pressing. And the water is cold. It was difficult to wash her hair and body without getting wet ourselves. As her hair was still wet, we decided to detour and have a hot drink at the swimming pool cafe bar first. Let her try lukewarm milo for the first time. She likes it very much and drank half a styrofoam cup with a straw. :)

Then we went to Nihon mura since it's right beside the pool for lunch. As usual, RaeAnne had some corn mayo sushi, some crabstick sushi, a bit of Daddy's teriyaki chicken don and some veg miso soup. :)

Reached home at 1+pm, so quickly made milk for her to drink. But it was either past her nap time or she was too tired and cranky so it took a long time to make her sleep. End up hubby had to push her around downstairs in a stroller before she fell asleep at 230pm. She napped for 2 hrs and woke up at 435pm. I peeped into the ajra room door and saw her sitting on her cot bed with daddy sleeping on the floor beside looking a bit blur but not crying. When she saw me smiling at her, she quickly asked me to 'open, open' the door. :)

We went to my aunt's house to get some foodstuff before going to Waipo's house. Waipo fried melon with egg and prawns and steamed fish. Cut all the food into small bite size and there was a lot of gravy so I poured over her rice. Initially, she refused to eat the rice so we dumped all the ingredients into her rice and 'bluff' her that it was fried rice. Filamie took over the main part of feeding her for dinner and luckily she was hungry enough to finish the bowl of rice and all the dishes with some cordyceps tonic soup. :)

She has a good memory and once Daddy opened my old wardrobe to take out her clothes for bath time. She said '娃娃,娃娃' cos she saw my huge pink dolly at the top shelf of the wardrobe. I never got to play with this doll by the way as it was my 3 year old birthday present which my mum kept away for fear of me dirtying it. Duh. Anyway, had to pacify her by asking her to shower first before she can play with '娃娃'. :)

On our way back in the car, she asked me to play the 'Teddy bear' song again and again. It was funny to hear our gal singing along to the music. She usually gets the last word of each verse right. Too bad we didn't have the videocam with us, if not can record it down.

Tonight, she slept late at 11pm. My fault cos she was trying to sing songs and nursery rhymes again eg. Row row row your boat, Pat a cake and baa baa black sheep. and I can't resist helping her when she doesn't know the lyrics. But the good news is she can now say 'baa baa black sheep'. :)

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