The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sleeping through...?

RaeAnne slept at 1030pm last night while I was rubbing her back. Never did that before, was just playing with her. Told her Nai Nai used to 摸背摸背 then she'll sleep right? Surprised when she just lie quiet with tummy down on the toddler bed and let me rub her back. And fell asleep shortly after that. Hubby went to check on her around 12 and said she nearly flipped down from her bead, the big sleeping Pooh bear had fallen from the cot side. He shifted her inwards and we slept at 1230am.

Woke up feeling very warm and having restless leg syndrome again at 4am. Feeling strange cos don't think I heard her cry between 1230-4am. Tried to go back to sleep but my legs' constant 'sng sng' feeling made it hard for me to go back to lala land. Got paranoid after a while, decided to go over and check on RaeAnne at 435am. Found her sleeping soundly on her water mattress but her body was veered towards the 'unprotected' side of the bed again. Didn't dare to move her for fear of waking her so I put a big pillow and the pooh bear on the bumper mat beside her bed instead. Finally fell asleep again close to 5am.

Finally heard her cry, checked the clock and it was 5.55am. Hubby carried her over to our bed, made milk and she fell asleep again until 8.15am when I woke her up for school.

Checked with Filamie this morning, she said RaeAnne woke up at 2am and 3+am, saw her and went back to sleep. Keep fingers crossed that she'll be the same tonight. :)

Baby Raelynn is exactly 34 weeks today! 3 more weeks to full term (37 weeks). :) Was checking my old posts. RaeAnne was 2.2kg at 33 weeks. Looks like Mei mei is a little bit smaller though I gained more weight than compared to RaeAnne. Hmm.... Not enough tonics or ...?

We have the habit of feeding RaeAnne some water after her milk since we don't brush her teeth at night (lazy parents afraid that brushing her teeth will 'refresh' her). Anyway, she drank a lot of water last night (finished her whole Tommy tippee drinking cup). Tonight, she kept asking for water again and finished all the water (only filled to half this time). And she learnt to say 'water bottle'. :)

RaeAnne was super active tonight. Laughing loudly, skipping and running, walking on her own without wanting to hold our hands. So, she only slept at 1050pm. MIL said she only slept for 2hr15mins today but I was secretly glad cos the more she sleeps in the day, the more it will affect her night sleep. :P


Guazi said...


great that R is sleeping through!

Piggy Family said...

Tongtong, no lor, it was just a one off incident. Wed night, she woke up a few times again. :P

Guazi said...

why not you try to let R sleeps in air-conditioned room? she might sleep thru