The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad day...

Today's children's day celebration so only 1 hr party and tomorrow got no school so decided to bring her home after the party to look after her myself these 2 days.

Cooked baked salmon, recipe taken from littlegastronomy ( chicken pear soup ( She finished a lot of salmon and soup but refused to eat her rice as usual. That was still ok cos I can feed her milk before her nap.

But she 'rewarded' me by not napping at all today. Tried different methods from lying down beside her to pushing her downstairs in stroller to letting her exhaust herself while I lay on her cot bed but nothing worked. Sigh, understandably she's super cranky and sticky this evening so I tried putting her to bed at 830pm, 1 hr before her usual time. She refuse to lie down, keep wanting me to carry her from room to room so that she can sleep. I refused to do that cos can't bear her weight on my tummy for long. Hubby is happy to carry her but she rejects him.

Kept on screaming and shrieking non stop until she's breathless. End up got no choice but to carry her from room to room until she finally lie down on my shoulder and knocked out. What a day! :P

What is worse is that Filamie is reverting to her old ways since Sunday. Never follow instructions properly, do things wrongly, excuses, forgetting things, taking food without permission, cook before she's supposed to, eg. fry dishes even before the rice is cooked etc, claiming to have cleaned all 3 rooms and took a shower while I was out (said she was hot and itchy due to dust) but found all the book shelves at the study room dusty. When I questioned her about the dust, then she said she only cleaned the 2 tables. Somemore, act 'kelian' in front of ILs at their place then tell them she doesn't have enough sleep cos RaeAnne keeps waking. Faint! We are the ones soothing RaeAnne back to sleep, not her, once we take over, she knocks out. How tiring can that be?

Sigh, thought I can 'jiang jiu yi dian' and keep her so that no need to retrain but now i'm having 2nd thoughts because if she is so inconsistent. How to trust her to do work independently when Raelynn is born? Plus up till now, nearly 2 months since she started working for us and after 1 week plus of sleeping in the same room as RaeAnne, RaeAnne still rejects her although she can call 'Aunty' since Sunday night but still says No, no no! when we ask her to do things for her. My biggest concern about changing maid is that RaeAnne has to readjust to another aunty. Sigh.


Mummy Esther said...

kitsune, can understand hw u feel totally! my cayenne aso kinda of rejects my maid. oni can play. prepare milk, meals, diapers change, bath, my girl still dun wan the maid. i tinking of dun wan the maid and be a SAHM. but i knw it is gg 2 be hard. sigh...

hope ur maid can improve, if not, it is better 2 change. urs is a flipino rite. very daring as in dare 2 "complain" 2 ur ILs tat she dun hv enuff sleep!

Piggy Family said...

Esther, ya, SAHM with 2 kids without any help is no joke! Some mummies have done it including mummies of our generation but they usually have some kind of support network eg. mummies or sisters to help jaga the kids when they are busy. I don't think I can do it lor. As for the maid, dilemma lor, can only 'zou yi bu, suan yi bu' now. :P