The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ABC pasta, fruits and walking ;)

Cooked ABC pasta for RaeAnne using stock (corn, pork, dried scallops, wolfberry) then added fish and egg. But she doesn't like it. Only took half of her usual portion compared to porridge, keep making 'puking' sounds. Think it was the threadfin and egg combination, too fishy smell and the bits of egg stuck onto the ABC pasta made it not easy to swallow. :P

I tried to teach her blue and yellow colour yesterday (part of LNT homework) but she's barely interested. But managed to point to the right colour card but today when I asked her again, totally forget, anyhow point. Godsent (evangeline's mummy) said her gal can articulate blue and yellow after she taught her after the LNT class. Amazing! RaeAnne only babbles but I don't know what she's talking about. She still hasn't said any words other than 'an' (press in mandarin) recently. Even mama and baba is forgotten. :/

Today, I decided to teach her fruits instead cos I cooked corn for her soup stock. Showed her the uncooked corn, let her smell the corn, touch the corn, taste the cooked corn kernel, then reinforce with the flashcard again and again. Finally when I asked her where's the corn, she could point at the right card. Showed her what is persimmon and kiwi too cos we have them in the fridge. But then, I won't be surprised if she forgets it all over again tomorrow. ;P

What she's really developing everyday is her temper. She just cried and throw tantrum for a full 10 minutes cos she refused to sleep after her last milk feed. Hubby came out of his shower and asked me what happened. Not sure if it's because she paid a visit to ye ye & nai nai house just now and spent 1 hour playing there. Hubby went there to get her baby sebamed face cream to apply on that 'persistent' mosquito bite mark that has been around for weeks. She kept pulling my shirt and crying so that I can carry her out of the room. Refused to give in if not she'll think she can cry and whine her way out of everything. :P

Always joked with hubby that if we don't have no. 2, RaeAnne will become a 'xiao ba wang' with 2 sets of grandparents, uncles and us doting on her. As it is, now my ILs and mum let her 'bite' them without punishing her. I've never witnessed it though but they sometimes complain to me that she bite them. But if they don't teach her from right to wrong and let her bite, then she'll think it's nothing wrong and continue to bite. What can I do? ;P

Today, finally managed to capture RaeAnne walking but she was walking towards Daddy, not me, and she didn't walk especially for the camera. Never mind lar. Better than nothing. 'Mai hiam'. :)

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