The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More than $250 on formula milk

RaeAnne's Friso3 is running low so asked hubby to go Giant today to stock up. Left RaeAnne at ILs place close to 8pm after feeding her and showering her in the evening. We bought 900g at $17.50 just last week during the school holidays. But today when we went, the price is $19 but the 1.8kg tin is selling at $32.45. Since it works out to be just $16.25 per 900g, decided to stock up though I prefer smaller tins cos fresher. But she's finishing her FM so fast and sometimes after we made the milk, she doesn't want to drink, we end up throwing away exp FM. Will be less heart pain if we bought it at cheap price.

Ok, 1 tin is $32.45 so how many tins did we buy? DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... The answer is 8tins and the limit is 4 tins per transaction so we had to pay for the FM separately using 2 receipts. I estimate 1 big tin will last her about 4 weeks. It was already close to 930pm when we left and our poor gal was so sleepy, she tried to sleep on my lap in the short drive from ILs place to our home. Quickly made milk and she drank all 210ml, that's when I knew, we made the right decision to stock up. There's Friso promotion for Leapfrog toys now. Very sad that I misplaced a few receipts that I have been keeping aside. Hubby joked that it's ok, we can always buy more tomorrow. Haha, let's see if we are crazy enough. ;P


Zoe said...

pauline..just sharing that i notice, ruth will only drink milk when she is abit hungry. if she already had stuff to eat at least 1 hour before, she won't be interested.

So now i only feed her milk when her last feed (solid or fruit or whatever) was at least 1 hour ago. USually she will be clamouring for it the moment she see the milk bottle...and make a lot of noise if we don't give it to her.

Also, sometimes she will drink and take a break, then if i turn on the TV and lay her on my lap, she will watch TV and drink her milk guai guai.

:) maybe just need to recognize Raeanne's 'pattern' and tune to it.

THe above has saved me a lot of milk powder. I think it's easy for us to lose track of what baby really wants vs what we think they should do. :)

Piggy Family said...

Thanks, Zoe. Nowadays we take the guessing out of the equation by asking RaeAnne yourself. I'll ask her or show her the FM tin and ask her "You want milk milk?". If she makes suckling sounds or points, I'll make the noise. If she shakes her head and wag her finger no no, then I won't make the milk. But I'll repeat my question half an hour later. Play safe and save $$$. :)