The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Neuro Tree Trial at PP

Brought RaeAnne to LNT trial at Parkway Parade today, some Jan 08 SMF mummies have already tried it at POMO (old Paradiz Centre) branch but I found it too far from Tampines so I didn't join them. Glad to know that PP branch also offers the trial cos it's much more convenient for us to go. But RaeAnne refused to nap at her usual 12+/1p

m timing and only fell asleep at 2:15pm when we needed to leave the house at 2:45pm. I was quite cross with her, end up got to cook instant noodles for lunch cos no time liao, as usual, we were late for class. Sigh, what's new? :P Dressed RaeAnne in the preppy style today, she looks extra cute today. She allowed me to put on her hair clip but still not 'gu niang' enough to let Mummy wear her socks and shoes. Sigh, she's still not a lady from head to toes, and check out that 'chor lor' pose. :) LNT only allowed 1 parent to be present in the class so I attended the first half then left to run an errand so that hubby can attend the second half. He's the Finance Minister now, so it's better to let him try out the class and decide if it's worthwhile to sign RaeAnne up for LNT after the 3 trial lessons.

Today's lesson is in English which is a great start. Quite a few more Jan SMF mummies were in this class (Icy, Evangeline, blessedbaby, Lyn78 and me), such a coincidence. It's very difficult to get all the kids to pose for camera, believe me, we tried many times. End up, we could only get a good shot of RaeAnne and Evangeline. :)

RaeAnne's not a great student, hee. Eg. she learnt about order & colour (red leaf vs green leaf - wrong order), identifying and picking out the right fruit (carrot in teacher's pocket - she took the brinjal), smell (mustard, ketchup & butter), fine motor skills (no problem taking out the flower stalks, even 2 at a time but has problem putting the stalks back into the straws), sing 'head and shoulders, knee and toes' song (a very familiar song for her but she didn't try to dance unlike at home), daddy's part: diffentiating blue and yellow colour (half right, half wrong), long vs short (neither right nor wrong, cos she grabbed both straws :P), Count 1-10 (group activity).

LNT,, is having a promotion now, first term ($600), second term (half price, ie. $300). Each term is 3 months - 12 lessons. Which means each 1hr weekend class is $37.50, not cheap. In comparison, playgroup for 18mths & above at my nearby block costs only $130 excl course materials, uniform, deposit etc. Anyway, let's see how after attending the Chinese and Japanese class. :)

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