The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mummy's first day alone

Mummy was feeling adventurous (or was it suicidal?) and decided to look after RaeAnne on my own even though Waipo is not here today. The day began as a shock for Mummy because when I woke up, RaeAnne was on the floor and playing with winnie the pooh (her barrier) which was also on the floor. Since she didn't cry, I guess she didn't fall down. She must have woken earlier and decided to climb down the bed.

After that, I carried her to the bed to coax her unsuccesfully to sleep somemore. She was curious about all the thing on my bedside ledge (magazines, tissue paper, wet wipes, water bottle, table lamp) but most of the stuff are out of bounds. She also knows how to flip up Daddy's pillow and find the alarm clocks which we have been hiding from her because it has small parts and batteries which she may accidentally swallow. Brought her to the living room at 9+am when she started whining when she got tired of the things I let her play and wanted things which I won't let her play.

Didn't know what breakfast to feed her. She likes bread but it's a mess, she will drops crumbs all over the floor and it attract the ants. So, I tried Quaker instant oats today. Bought a tin to add a spoonful of oats into her porridge (taught by FIL to make the porrige more smooth). Sad to say, she doesn't like it. She only took a few small spoonfuls when I ate along with her. So, had to resort to feeding her bread from my nutella and peanut butter sandwich. Thought it won't be filling enough so also gave her a small korean strawberry. It was already 10+ by then. Didn't want her to eat too much or else she won't have appetite for her porridge at 11am. She saw the 'Wheels of the Bus' VCD and wanted to watch it. Keep making 'uh uh uh' sounds and pointing to the tv. But I'm already feeling guilty enough that I need to let her watch VCD when eating so didn't want to let her watch. Played megablocks and stickers with her instead.

Oh ya, let her try out the First Few Years Potty seat, the fit is not so good cos nearly knocked it off when I tried to put her down. But once she settled on it, she seemed quite happy, not scared of it at all. Maybe it's because she has seen us using the toilet before. I made all the shh shh and gng gng sounds but she didn't poo nor pee. But she did give me a 'concentrating' look then she farted. Happy enough with the result, at least she knows what she is supposed to be doing. Think I can start buying some training pants and potty train her soon. :)

Cooked porridge with carrot and baby corn. She ate most of it which is good. After showering her, made 180ml of milk and she only drank 100ml this time. Too full from the porridge? She didn't knock out after drinking the milk though, keep trying to eat the Forever Friends fridge magnet and biting her Mickey mouse sticker. wanting to climb down from the bed to take items. Had to keep carrying her back to bed, lifting her is not easy nowadays. She finally slept at 130pm so I quickly went to fix a quick lunch of fried luncheon meat and dried instant noodles. Cooked and ate in 30 minutes, spent the longest time opening the Tulip luncheon meat cos it comes with a key but it couldn't open cos the etching on the tin was not done properly. Had to use a can opener and my knife to saw open the rectangular tin.

Then quickly wiped the floor with magiclean dry mop. Was hot and sweaty by then so I had a microshower (just rinse off the perspiration) cos I was so afraid she may wake up and fall off the bed. Then took out the pork/threadfin and cut the cauliflower and carrot to prepare for her next meal. By the time, I sat down on the floor to switch on my laptop thinking I can check SMF for a while. She woke up liao, she only napped for 1 hr. :( She drank the remaining milk and gestured for more so I made another 120ml. WRONG MOVE! She refused to drink. Arghh!!! Had to throw away the milk. we are already running out of Friso 3 at home. Need to go Giant to stock up liao.

So, at 4pm, not knowing what else to 'play' with her and with the porridge cooking away in the slow cooker. I decided to be a risk taker and bring her to Tampines Mall cos I needed to exchange the fitted cot sheet that I bought from Aussino on Monday (wrong size). I brought the baby bjorn cos can't manager the maclaren stroller, the allerhand diaper bag and her on the bus. It was tough carrying her and my shoulders ached. But at least I could set her down at Aussino to walk about. She kept taking the bedsheets sets and pushing them down and taking things of the basket and throwing away though. I had to keep doing 'damage control'. She saw some cute soft toys (macaw and bear) at Aussino and kept pointing at them but kept telling her it's not ours. It's aunties' so cannot take home. ;P

Decided to change to a set of winnie the pooh fitted sheet set so that I don't need to top up too much. Brought her to her favourite Big Bear kiddyride (Mummy remembers my promise) but it was spoilt, the coin keeps coming out. Then she started pointing to Precious moments which had a lot of soft toys on the glass display. Ended up buying a small bear soft toy for her cos she put the bear's face into her mouth and it was badly stained with her saliva. Luckily, it only costs $11.90. :P

Shoulder really aching liao so decided to head home. Checked with hubby and he's not free so can't pick us up. Took a shuttle bus back and since it was shuttle bus that goes to ILs place, decided to pop by. Ended up leaving her there and going back to get her porridge cos FIL asked me to have dinner there. So, today Mummy is a responsible FT SAHM cos I worked from 8+am to 5pm. WoW! Definitely more tiring than working. :P

P.S. Weighed her at ILs place, she is 9.3 kg now. No wonder my shoulders is still aching now... :P FINALLY, FINALLY, managed to upload the macdonalds You tube video clip onto blog with advice and patience from Feb08 mummies, Tubao and Tute. See 18 Mar 09 post but it's already 1 week late. Better late than never? :P


Tracy said...
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Mdm 2359 said...

Ur gal is considered light boy is 11.5kg n he is only 13mo =p

Piggy Family said...

Hi, would you like to introduce yourself? Yup, she is light, but Mummy is equally light. I'm carrying nearly 25% of my weight, no joke man. Just went to your blog. Can I 'tou shi' from your food recipes next time? :)

Mdm 2359 said...

No problem but its just some simple home cooked dishes if you dont mind =)