The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mum not cooking tonight, err I mean every night :P

One of the Jan mummies ask me if I cook dinner for my hubby daily now that I'm a SAHM. But I don't, can't even find time to cook lunch for my own leh, let alone dinner. Another SAHM said she got time to cook for her hubby, she shared her schedule while I shared mine.

Grumpus's schedule
just to share with you how i manage to cook dinner when hubby is in town. usually i will cook one meat, one fish/veg and one soup.

first of all, i plan in advance what dishes i want to cook for the next wk, then i submit a list to my mum to do marketing for me.
my mum will buy the food, wash/slice/chop etc and pack into individual pkts for me. i then dump everything into the freezer.

every morning i decide what to cook for dinner and take out the pkts from the freezer to defrost. then i settle my girl's bath, lunch etc.

when she is having her afternoon nap, i'll season the food and set the soup to boil, cos soup need the longest to cook. that takes me abt half hr. after that i can do my own things or nap with my girl.

when she wakes i settle her, play with her etc until abt 5pm. At 5pm, i will cook rice and cook the fish/veg and meat. just those simple stir fry type and cook my girl's dinner. my girl will play by herself for awhile.

at 6pm i will feed my girl her dinner and me and hb dinner is ready already. when my girl is done with her dinner, hb and i will eat ours.

after dinner, hb will wash up and i will settle my girl's wash up bedtime routine etc. if my girl woke up late from her nap, then i'll wash up first before doing her bedtime routine.

My routine:
8+-9+am - RaeAnne wakes up, I'll laze in bed for a while and see if I can make her sleep some more. But she'll usually insist that I carry her out to the living room.
Put her on her bumper mat to play with her toys while I make her cereal.
9+-10am - feed her cereal while watching "Wheels of the bus" VCD. Take out her porridge ingredients to defrost.
Around 10am - Wash rice and prepare ingredients to cook her porridge in slow cooker (usually pork/yin yu/threadfin/cod fish plus carrot or broccoli or sweet potato or corn
10am - 11+am play with her, brush her teeth, put her on potty, change diaper, (find time to sneak away to brush my teeth, wash face, go toilet, eat bread)
11+am - feed porridge
12 - Let her rest a while I wash up
12+pm - shower her
12+-1+pm - make her sleep after giving her some milk
1+pm - 3pm She naps from 30 mins to 2 hours, depending on my luck. (during this time, I clear the bathroom, throw rubbish/soiled diapers, have lunch usually instant noodles/bread or try to cook my lunch if I'm feeling lucky. Usually if I nap with her, I don't get to eat. If I eat, I don't get to nap. :P)
3+pm After she wakes up, feed milk or cereal or fruits. After that, Start preparing to cook her evening porridge in slow cooker again
4+pm -5+pm Play with her (though I'm very tired by then)
5+-6pm Feed porridge again
6+pm Hubby comes back, he'll tapow dinner back if we are not eating at ILs.
6+ - 7pm Shower RaeAnne then try and grab our dinner. One of us has to distract or watch over her cos she walks around touching forbidden items (electric switches, drawers, trash can in kitchen or dirt on floor). If she sees us eating, she wants our food but I don't feed her our food cos it's full of sodium or msg.
8+pm I shower
9pm Give her milk in bottle and try to make her sleep
9+-10pm She falls asleep
10+ - 12 midnight She'll wake up again, then we feed more milk or we dream feed her around midnight. Transfer her to her cot.
2-4+am - She'll wake up again, hopefully can make her go back to sleep with just water. Depending on timing, may leave her on the our bed to sleep.
6am - Wake up and we'll give more FM. Try and make her sleep again until 9am.

In between schedule, will wash and sterilize her milk bottles, pots, bowls, spoons, wash clothes and fold her clothes, keep her toys, rinse those that she 'gum'.

She also poos 2-4 times a day so changing her diapers, washing her bum in the toilet, changing her out of her clothes, also takes quite a bit of time/struggling cos she loves playing with water even when it's already contaminated with her poop. Eek! :P

When she's awake, she'll only play on her own for 5 minutes before she'll come and look for me. When I'm busy in the kitchen and hug my legs from behind me then I can't move cos I worry she'll fall backward and hit her head. When I carry her away to the living room, she'll cry so sometimes I just leave her to roam/play while keeping half an eye on her from the kitchen.

Don't know where to squeeze in time to cook for dinner leh. Maybe I'm a lousy/inefficient cook so I take longer to prepare/cook so I don't bother to cook dinner. Frankly after staying at home the whole day, I prefer to eat out with hubby to enjoy 'er ren shi jie' if possible instead of slaving over the stove. If no tapow also very convenient, no need to cook and no need to wash up. Hee. :P

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