The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

A long day...

Last night, RaeAnne drank milk at 9+pm, slept at 10+ and this morning, I suddenly woke up, checked the alarm clock and realised it's already 530am and I didn't hear her cry for so long. Lay there on the bed and started to worry more and more. SIDS only happens to infant below 6 months right? Or is it? Alamak! In the end, I tiptoed into her room to check on her. She was sleeping on her side, I waited and observe and there was hardly any movement. Was debating whether to go and check her breathing when she moved her fingers.

Phew! All is fine. What a neurotic and kiasi mummy I am I thought as I walked back to my room. Hubby was sound asleep, oblivious to everything. Went to the toilet but didn't dare to flush in case I wake her. Just as I stretched out on my still warm bed and pulled up the blanket, she started crying. Waited for a while then took a peek, she'll standing at her cotside, crying liao. No hope, got to go get her. Was it telepathy (could she sense Mummy?) or could she really hear the slight sounds from my room toilet? Guess I'll never know. And if RaeAnne finally sleeping through the night? I'm definitely keeping my fingers and toes crossed. ;)

Made milk and fed her but the lousy bottle leaked, thought the diaper leaked at first cos my pants were all wet and so was one side of RaeAnne's shirt and pants. Only when I rinsed her shirt and pants and mine and the water turned all cloudy that I realised that it was milk not urine. Must be the new Avent teats that I bought from isetan. Duh. Don't know why I use orginal Avent teats and it leaked whereas I've been using Pigeon teats for so long and they have never leaked. Washed her stuff and my stuff, by the time, I got to bed again, the sky was lightening so around 7am liao. :P

Today, the lady from Rent That Toy came to collect the Haenim Play yard, I've been trawling through the SMF Want to Sell and Want to Buy threads to get a second hand but they are scarce and always snapped up before I can even post my interest. Cheong Choon which is selling it for $140 is also out of stock. Kiddy palace has stock but it's $149 and need to cash and carry, which is inconvenient. Hubby is still not fully convinced that we need it. So, decided not to renew the lease since we have been renting for 2 months already. Took one last photo of her at the play yard and asked hubby to take a video of RaeAnne later to see if she has any reaction to 'Aunty Elaine' taking away her 'house'. She had a very bochap expression when Elaine was dismantling and keeping her play yard. Wa, thought my daughter was very cool and surprisingly unpossessive about a stranger coming to take away her stuff.

I WAS WRONG! The moment the door closed, she started complaining, making a lot of noise and pointing to the door. Ended up carrying her to the door but she still pointed so I opened the gate and walked to the lift. Luckily, Elaine had left. Hubby so cute, saw her reaction then said looks like have to buy one from Kiddy Palace. But after she seemed pacified/distracted with another toy, he changed his mind again. It's useful to keep her safe when I need to do things, go toilet or wash up. But she's too used to her freedom and nowadays I do leave her playing on the living room floor outside her play yard for short while. And she's usually fine for the first 5 minutes or so. Well, the jury is still out on whether we will decide eventually to buy a play yard.

Today is also LNT trial, hubby thought it is Mandarin class but it turned out to be Japanese. Anyway, I have already said I will accompany so that hubby can take some time to mark his scripts. He has lots to mark for this 1 week school hols. There were many activities in this LNT class. RaeAnne was very shy as usual, she was the only kid who refused to sit on the chair. She kept standing up and wanted me to carry her even though I was seated directly behind her.

But guess what, she warmed up and even crawled to the table towards the middle of the class though. Why? Cos Reiko Sensei was showing RaeAnne's favourite bottles (stacking 3 empty bottles and push), containers (to show full-ippai and empty-karappo) and of course 'um um' (food), RaeAnne got to smell and taste yakult and honey water today. The honey water was too sweet, I still wouldn't let her take it at home but just a taste for knowledge is fine. ;) RaeAnne is still not good at recognising orders, she reversed the colour and position of what sensei showed again. But at least this time, she eventually chose the right pink egg-tamago which sensei put into her pocket, it was funny to see her pick out the brighter green egg first then hesitating and taking the pink one. Haha.

During this lesson, teacher also taught about shapes (circle-maru, triangle-sankaku, square-shikaku). RaeAnne was supposed to sort and match the shape of the 'biscuit' to the shape of the container. eg. round biscuit to round container but she was happy to pick them up and reluctant to put them in. Happens at home too when I ask her to keep her toys. She'll start putting them in when I hand them to her then hesitate when it comes to her favourite toys, she continue to hold onto them and 'pretend' to put in. I can imagine her thinking "but why am I keeping this toy? I still want to play with it." ;P

She also learnt to count from 1-10 in Japanese and the difference between tall-takai and short-hikui and the different vehicles (car, bus, motorcycle, train, aeroplane, ship). There were a lot of Japanese songs too but mummy's memory of the Basic Module in Japanese I took at NTU more than 10 years ago is too lousy so don't understand the lyrics. Sensei noticed that I understand Japanese though cos I could say 1-10 in Japanese and understand what is ippai before teacher explained. Hee hee, paiseh.

After the lesson, Daddy and Mummy got smarter, straightaway changed her diaper and made milk using the hot water provided. The bottle leaked again but luckily we brought another 125ml bottle for her water so we could switch teats/parts. After we switched, both bottles are fine, never leaked. So strange. She only drank 100ml out of 180ml though. Too distracted by the cute blue elephant in the room. Actually all the kids love the elephant, especially Rayden (Kelyn's boy). Look at her big difference in her expression in the classroom when she has to study versus playing with the elephant. ;)

After the class, we went to Isetan straight as Mummy wanted to trade in the Avent bottles since there is a promotion and get new ones at 30% off. Her 125ml bottles were used fully during the last year as I was Breastfeeding, used them to store EBM so they were sterilised very frequently. Don't want to keep for no. 2. Made use of the promotion to get 4 new 125ml bottles and 2 260ml bottles. Asked hubby what if things don't go as planned and we don't have no. 2, he said sell the bottles lor. Cheh, men! All I wanted was some comfort and reassurance that we will have no. 2, always so practical!

By the time, we left Isetan, it was already 5+pm so we decided to check if ILs are free to cook RaeAnne's dinner (they tried feeding soupy rice yesterday cos she is rejecting porridge nowadays, sigh) They said they could so hubby and I had the famous mee rebus and mee siam at the food court. Aiyoh, the serving was so much, plus hubby ordered 2 bowls of 'chin chow'. We could hardly finish the food. RaeAnne had nothing to eat so kept pestering us for biscuits even though we already preempted by buying a cute heart shape balloon (50 cents only) for her before going to the food court.

Anyway, RaeAnne's rice dinner was a disaster. She rejected the soupy rice, kept hitting on the spoon, so she fed the floor 3 times, twice in the living room and once in yeye's room. MIL and I took turns to feed her and the soup kept going cold cos FIL kept it in a small bowl instead of a thermos container. :P That dinner took 30 minutes and I really don't know how much rice went in. Hubby blissfully slept through the whole agonizing dinner. At 730pm, when she knocked the spoon the 3rd time, I told FIL, forget it, she needs to drink milk at 9pm anyway, we'll just give her more milk tonight. True enough, she finished her 180ml milk at 9+pm just now. Normally, she'll leave at least 40ml behind. Let's see how long that can last her.

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