The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not signing up for Little Neuro Tree

Today is the last class for LNT Trial. It was Chinese lesson and Mummy asked Daddy to attend so that he can evaluate and decide whether to let RaeAnne sign up. Daddy said there were a lot packed into the lesson but RaeAnne was distracted. Kept looking around and not focusing on the teacher. Not sure if she was looking for Mummy. Anyway, after the class, it was time to make the decision whether to continue. Godsent and Lyn have decided to sign their kids up. We couldn't decide on the spot because RaeAnne refused to drink her milk after class and her last meal (porridge) was 1130am. No choice but to call ILs to cook her porridge while we rushed back from Parkway. During the car ride, Daddy and Mummy discussed and decided not to sign up for LNT because

1) Daddy is busy for the whole of April on Sat so Mummy will have to take a cab to bring RaeAnne to and fro class. The lesson even with promotion is already $37.50, if plus return cabfare, it'll be at least $20 more, very ex leh.

2) Daddy feels that RaeAnne is not focused so she's not 'benefitting' from the 1 hr class. Mummy feels that the classroom exposure is good to help her focus but agree that $40 to $50 per hour to help her stay focused is a bit steep.

3) There will be a LNT centre opening up at CPF building Tampines. Mummy much rather put RaeAnne there because even if Daddy is not free, Mummy can take a shuttle bus or cab down.

However, the 50% off second term offer is only valid for PP outlet so if we were to sign RaeAnne up at PP, she must finish Apr to Oct 09 before she can transfer to Tampines if we want to make use of the promotion price. Without the promotion, each term is $600 ie. $50 per lesson since there are 12 lessons in 3 months. Not worth it. :P

4) Mummy has not confirmed whether to send RaeAnne for 2 hr playgroup in 2009 after July ie. if I can find a suitable one. So, if we have LNT plus playgroup, it may be an overkill. :P

5) Since I'm a SAHM, I got more time with RaeAnne so by right I should be able to teach her more on a daily basis than relying on a 1-hr class every Sat. Of course, there is no social interaction but maybe that's something that can be overcome if we bring her for other adhoc classes?

6) Daddy asked Mummy if there is any other options than LNT, told him we tried most except GUG and tumbletots. Those that are too far from Tampines, we won't be keen anyway. So, unless Daddy wants to try tumble tots at Tampines stadium. That one is so near that we can walk over but the review has not been good. We'll see...

Oh ya, forgot to mention, the loot from Isetan Private Sale arrived today, 2 big boxes. Mummy was trying to catch up on sleep when the delivery man came so Daddy waited for Mummy to 'kai mu dian li'. Can tell that RaeAnne is excited too, she pointed at the 2 boxes and made her 'ooh ooh ooh' sounds to attract my attention. Father and daughter are happily examining their toys but there are no 'toys' for Mummy, only some household items. So sad. But look at their excited and happy expressions made it worth it lar. ;)

P.S. During LNT class today, Mummy noticed a lot of Colettee shoes on the shoe rack so can't resist being kay poh and checking out the shoe sizes. Aiyoh, most shoe sizes are 15, one was 13, only our dear gal was 17. Although her correct shoe size should be 16 but that still makes her the biggest feet than the rest of the toddlers. When I told Nai Nai, she told 'who ask you to give birth to a baby with such big feet?' Duh, my shoe size is 5.5 to 6 leh, for someone who is almost 1.6m (1.58 to be exact), it's not considered 'toa kah soh' right? Why blame me for the genes? I haven't even started blaming the bad family genes from hubby's side for her flat button nose hor. ;P

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