The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's been a long week...

My mum came to visit on Tues morning and I left RaeAnne at ILs place around noon to get lunch and going to NTUC at interchange to stock up the fridge. Then FIL called me at home and told me that RaeAnne's fever has hit 39 deg, and she pooped 3 times between 12+pm - 4pm, so he asked me to get hubby home earlier to bring her to see the dr. Checked with FIL, they didn't feed any fever medicine since I left, even though MIL told me they will monitor and give the medicine if she still has fever. :P

Her regular PD at round market is not open on Tues evening but it was too late to rush her to the street 81 one so we decided to bring her to Kidslink at Bedok North Ave 3. Even took a stool sample along. The PD said it was stomach flu, gave medicine for fever, colic and good bacteria sachets. We were also told to give FM in half strength. Hubby and I had a hard time that night cos she had such fitful sleep and we had to give her fever med regularly. The next morning, she woke at 650am and wouldn't go back to sleep. We didn't move her to the cot until very late cos she's having fitful sleep, woke up 3 times since 10+pm. Tried to take her temperature just now and she jumped then have to make her fall asleep again.

At 9am, MIL came over as she has bought some vegetarian bee hoon and brought it over. She didn't know how bad RaeAnne was as hubby had not called her since we came back from PD. In fact, she was asking me to quickly eat cos she wants to go back to sort out the vegetables she just bought from the market. Was very tired, so told her I'll bring RaeAnne over while I catch up on sleep. Left ILs place close to 10am, with instructions to take her temperature as her last dose of med was 6+am.

When I return at 12+pm, I wanted to cook ABC pasta soup for my lunch and let RaeAnne try some to whet her appetite. RaeAnne was sleeping and FIl said she has just slept about half an hour ago. Asked FIl about her temperature and he said 'he had no time to take'. Was pissed because MIL had told me that they went through a lot of lengths to make her sleep including pushing her downstairs in a stroller but both of them had 'no time' to take her temperature using a ear thermometer. I mean come on, how much time does that take!?! Got time to bring her downstairs on stroller to make her sleep but no time to use a ear thermometer to check her temperature.

When I found out that she didn't have milk (and medicine added to milk) since I left and the medicine timing has past. I wanted to take her temperature but he insisted that I cannot disturb her cos she only slept for half an hour. End up, by the time she woke up at 1.40pm, her fever already hit 38.5 lor. Also, there was a thunderstorm and FIL insist that I switch off the Leapfrog learning drum that I was playing with RaeAnne. I told him it runs on batteries, it's not a lightning hazard. If anything that run on batteries are a hazard, how about the lights, fridge, remote control, that are still switched on in the house? Duh... I know they love her lots and I don't understand why he's so concern about her safety (lightning strike in the house?) but so bo chap about her having fever, letting her fever spike up again and again. Making her sleep is more important to him.

I know they love her lots and I do appreciate their help in looking after her so that I have some 'me' time. But I'm glad I became a SAHM, from her bout of HFMD and now stomach flu, my conclusion is that I can't leave ILs to look after a sick child as they either don't believe in seeing dr and taking med or they believe that sleep cures everything. This is one of the things that I will never agree with them. That's also why if I put RaeAnne there at their house, I don't want to stay to help cos I don't agree with things and I'm not the sort who can't hide my reaction or act blur. :P

Went back to see her regular PD on Fri evening because she still had loose green stools plus she developed rashes on her trunk, legs and neck. PD changed her medicine and advised us to stick to just 1 type of FM. I started switching her to Gain IQ upon Waipo's suggestion last week because a few of my cousins are giving it to their kids and because I weaned off RaeAnne, felt guilty that I can no longer provide her with brain food and since Gain IQ is one of the most expensive FM around, thought it must be good. After this episode, hubby said to stick to Friso since she had no problems on Friso.

Didn't manage to go to Fidgets nor go to the My Gym Open house cos RaeAnne was sick. Today, she pooped on the potty when I brought her for her usual morning wee. It looked very watery but after I emptied the contents into the toilet bowl, could see that soft and defined shapes so hubby and I were relieved. She had napped from 12 to 145pm and happily eating porridge after she woke up. Had wanted to bring her to my friend's place so that I can return the Medela PIS but her daughter is sick so we ended up postponing the visit. But, thought it's a perfect timing to bring her out so decided to bring her to 2nd aunt's place to return my cousin's winter jacket. RaeAnne was fine there, happily eating on chopped strawberry, biscuit, kueh bulu and her favourite Gerber star biscuits though she was still very shy.

There was a thunderstorm and we were waiting for hubby to come back from meeting his friend. By the time, we left close to 6pm, our gal was grouchy and started crying and screaming non stop from the car all the way to Waipo house and continued even when she was there. She only calmed down after we tried to feed some milk and porridge at Waipo house so we guessed she must be either hungry or sleepy or both. Poor Darling. Next time, we must stand by milk bottle and let her eat more before bringing her out. :P

P.S. My mum noticed that RaeAnne has another bottom tooth erupting soon cos the gum on her left side is whitish and swollen. Initially, we thought that may have caused the fever. But PD doesn't think so, cos fever for teething is low grade, plus there should not be diarrhoea if it's teething. Strange, her right side front tooth is still not fully erupted and her bottom tooth is erupting too?

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