The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's MY Macdonalds... :)

Introduced RaeAnne to the Golden Arches today. She woke up extra early at 7+am even though last night, she woke up at 2+am, 4+am. Daddy and Mummy both very tired but we couldn't persuade her to go back to sleep so I convinced hubby to got to Macdonalds for breakfast since we are all up anyway. Mummy has been eyeing the sausage mcmuffin meal weekday promotion at $2.50 for a long long time. Hee.

We went to Mac at Tampines Mall. Ordered a hot cakes happy meal for RaeAnne but the toy was disappointing, a black Spider man, RaeAnne hardly looked at it. She was more interested in the 'cold cold' apple juice tetra pak. At Mac, we passed her a fork with small pieces of hot cake, she could feed herself and us. Not bad. Next challenge is to let her pick up the food with a fork herself. :)

After breakfast, we brought her to try the different kiddy rides. Only paid for the Barney ride, the rest just pose and take photos. Hehe, Mummy & Daddy cheapskate.

Her favourite kiddy ride is the one with a Giant bear. She kept pointing and playing with it, refused to pose for a photo. Next time, must let her ride on that one. ;) Then we went to Toy R Us. Didn't buy any toys for her since Isetan delivery is this coming Sat. Was telling hubby we need to clear out some space for her new toys. :P

After that, we brought her to Collete to buy a pair of shoes. My dear gal has big feet (13cm and growing) so it's hard to buy shoes when she's not with us. Mummy chose a pair of pink closed toes shoes on offer ($19.90)so that it will look nicer with dresses compared to her 'My Little Pony' open toe pink sandals. :P We bought 1 size bigger (size 17!?!) so that it can last her longer and a pair of pink socks ($6.90). Daddy complained that the socks are expensive. Told him it's because of the balls (see pix). Our gal is less than 14 months and she already has 2 pairs of shoes. I'm sure her shoe collection will grow linearly or exponentially as she grows up, Daddy has many, many years of complaining to go. Haha. ;)

She knocked out at 11+am in hubby's arms (must be because she woke up too early) before we reached TS. Hubby wanted to browse through DVDs while I went to NTUC to buy 8 pieces yong tau foo to cook. Ended up buying some Korean strawberries too cos RaeAnne likes them. Reached home at 12noon, tried to put her on my bed but she woke up. Fed porridge, bathed her but she didn't want to go back to sleep. So I prepared quick lunch for me and hubby instead of yong tau foo as planned. Hot dog bun with cheese melt and mustard/chilli.

She ended up napping at 3pm only when I forced her to sleep. She napped till 5pm, woke up once at 4pm but managed to pat her back to sleep. Woke up at 5pm with her so started to prepare her porridge. It'll only be ready around 6pm so hubby fed her apple. Told hubby let's try to eat with her at our dining table on the high chair so I started cooking our yong tau foo plus sliced pork, mushroom and broccoli. Decided to cook 'mee sua' instead of bee hoon so that RaeAnne can have a bite if she wants.

She was quite well behaved though she resisted the high chair initially. Gave her a bowl with diced strawberries/apple with a small fork and she ate her porridge quite quickly. Though she didn't finish all the porridge, it was better than the last 2 days.

After that, showered her and brought her to ILs cos hubby felt ye ye and nai nai missed her. Also wanted to show off her new shoes and bring some strawberries to Nai Nai. Came back close to 9pm, I quickly showered. Fed RaeAnne 180ml FM at 9+pm, she finished everything, and looked like she wanted more. Asked hubby to make another 60ml but she don't want to take liao, hubby said cos momentum broken. Poke and poke my tummy, and she fell asleep around 10pm. Wonder what time she'll wake up tonight.

P.S. She woke up and cry at 1050pm before I could even finish attaching the pixs. Had to make her sleep again so my poor belly button suffer again. :P

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