The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spree at Isetan Private Sale

Today Mummy is busy at Isetan Private Sale grabbing toys and clothes for RaeAnne, Daddy didn't accompany Mummy so transport was a problem so Mummy had to make sure I bought enough to qualify for free delivery. Excuse to shop hee hee.

I went at 10+am. I must say the queue is really not as long as previous IPS I went even though I still ended up paying around lunch time. Don't know if it's because they reorganised the queues or really because economy is bad. Mummy was like an unglam 'siao' woman, lugging two big plastic bag worth of stuff, borrowing the calculator to calculate the total price of items cos must hit $300 to qualify for free delivery, shuffling the plastic bags with my feet when I had to move along in the queue, the bags were reall too heavy. Daddy asked Mummy what I bought (he hasn't seen most of the loot cos earliest delivery is next Sat) so I thought I should blog about this too. Haha.

I bought mostly toys and some clothes for RaeAnne, rompers at $3 each and the expensive toys that I've been postponing buying eg. Megablocks cos I know Isetan private sale always have 30% off. Had lunch at TCC cafe at Isetan level 2 after that. Then go to Wheelock place for hair treatment. Only for today, feel like a tai tai. Mummy looks forward to the day when both of us can go shopping hand in hand. :)

So what did Mummy buy for RaeAnne? Drum roll... :)

1) Megablocks in carrier bag ($49.95 less 30%)
2) VRTech Learn and Grow Laptop ($59.90 less 30%)
3) FisherPrice Stack n Ring ($14.90 less 30 %)
4) Scrabble 60th anniversary edition ($69.90 less 30%) ok ok, this is more for Daddy & Mummy and most of all, Daddy's students when they visit Daddy. Or else, there are no board games for them to play. But RaeAnne can join in the fun once you are older. :)
5) Nerf Machine gun ($39.90 less 30%) Please ask Daddy why we bought this. Mummy has no comment. ;P
1) 3 rompers at $3 each
2) 1 pair of pink striped pants at $3
3) 1 set of pyjamas (short sleeve t shirt and long pants) - $9.90 less 15%
More RaeAnne stuff
1) Kippotamus Car seat Trio Totes organiser ($50.90 less 20%)
2) Safety First Potty seat ($24.90 less 30%)
3) Avent teats (stage 4) ($6.60 less 20%)
4) Konfidence baby sunblock spray ($16 less 15%)
5) Combi training chopsticks comes in plastic case ($10.90 less 25%)
6) Red minnie mouse mini tote bag ($3)
7) 1 Winnie the Pooh Pink bath towel ($10)
8) 1 Winnie the Pooh Pink face towel ($3)
9) Goldbug toddler's safety harness cum backpack ($29.90 less 30%) Daddy was eyeing the cow design which we saw at Kiddy Palace but Isetan only has frog, sheep, koala or giraffe. Practical mummy thinks 30% discount is too good to miss so grabbed the giraffe in the end cos felt it was the most unisex design.
Here's a pix :)

P.S. Finally uploaded a video of RaeAnne walking or rather running (like a drunkard, Daddy's words not mine hor). ;) The video clip is added to last night's post.

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