The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Giant Tampines

Went to Giant Tampines yesterday evening with hubby, RaeAnne and MIL. Bought Friso 3 at $17.50 (offer price), even cheaper than the promotion at Guardian which ended ($17.90) and NTUC ($19). Still don't like the texture of Friso3 cos find it very hard to dissolve but no guts to let RaeAnne try new FM again after her stomach flu episode. :P Bought Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo too but just heard from the forum mummies that there was a news report that J&J products contain contaminants and have been removed from the shelves in Taiwan. Sian, I still have a lot of J&J products at home, thought J&J should be good cos 'lau zi hao' mah. :/

After nearly 1 month of FM, RaeAnne seemed to have put on some flesh. Her weight didn't gain much but she feels more 'ba ba' but I noticed that the flesh is the soft soft type. Compared to her previously, when it was firm to touch. Two days ago when I was rushing to change to go out, and she was grouchy so hubby put her on the bed where she can see me. She caught sight of her best bosom friends (they have been hidden from her view since I weaned her off to avoid 'tempting' her). Hubby asked me do you think she still remembers but I told him no lar, so long already, she forgot liao.

But guess what, she saw my boobs, she started to point and smile, then she approached me and start touching them, and nearly wanted to suckle again but I stopped her gently and told her no more milk liao, darling. Then she stopped and looked at me and smile again but a bit in an 'embarrassed' way.

Phew! Was so worried she'll start crying then I'll feel very heart pained and guilty. But she didn't. Looks like she still had good memories of BF though I weaned her off against her will. Told hubby, it was worth it, BF her for 1 year, in the end, she still remembers and smiles at the memory. Very 'gan dong'. :)

But maybe that's why she still likes to rub her face in my tummy and use her fingers to feel my belly and belly button when she sleeps. She likes to 'Chong2 wen1' that skin to skin feeling. So now Evil mummy now trying to introduce her to Daddy's belly button. Bigger and deeper, nicer to dig, I told her, ho ho ho. ;)

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