The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Great transformation: Cot to toddler bed

We decided to convert RaeAnne's cot to a toddler bed since she has not been sleeping in the cot for about 2 months now. It started when she was teething in June (when we came back from Penang cos MIL cosleeps with her and she never wakes up at night) and keeps waking up in the night. Daddy got tired of patting her back to sleep each time so she has been co sleeping with us on our bed since then.

Initially we wanted to keep the cot for no. 2 but I don't like this Taurus cot cos the side cannot be lowered easily even with 2 hands. It's very difficult when we are carrying RaeAnne with one hand and can't even lower the cot side cos if we put her down onto the cot (already adjusted to the lowest level), she will wake up from being put down at such a high level. It's also difficult for me to lower her into the cot easily cos I'm not very tall and the cotside is at my chest level.

Before Raelynn is born, we need to train her to sleep in her own room again cos our MBR is too small for a cot and we can't let both kids sleep with us in the same room so they'll wake each other up. And because Filamie is sleeping in RaeAnne's room, we want to let her be more used to Filamie before slowly transiting her back to her own room. :P

Daddy went through a lot of trouble to convert the cot into the toddler bed cos we didn't have the instructions anymore (threw it away with the box). But it's finally done after 2 tries. So far, we've only managed to let her sleep on the toddler bed twice for her afternoon naps. Usually after Daddy pushed her around in a stroller downstairs until she knocked out, then we transfer her to the toddler bed. First time was on Thurs afternoon, the day before we went to Sentosa. I sat beside her cos afraid she will flip around and fall down (laid ABC mats beside the bed). When she woke up, she just opened her eyes but didn't cry so it's a good start. :)

RaeAnne said 'Snake', 'dirty' and a few other words which I can't remember :P. Very hard to keep track of the new words nowadays cos she'll repeat after us in the spur of the moment so we don't jot it down immediately. By the time, I want to blog it down in the night, I can't remember all the words she said in the day. :P

Oh ya, Ah Ma commented today that RaeAnne has quite a lot of teeth now. It's true, beside her almost fully erupted lower molars, her lower incisors are fully erupted whereas her pointed tips of her upper incisors are just emerging. Her upper molars are half erupted so she's going to have a grand total of 16 teeth soon! Happy that she can start chewing food better so that we don't have to cook until very soft or cut until very small. :)

But feeling a bit wistful cos she still reacts when she sees my boobs but even when I have BM again after delivering Mei Mei, I can't latch her on anymore cos afraid that she'll bite me with her 16 teeth. :P

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