The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sleep training Part 2...

Late night post cos RaeAnne just fell asleep about 15 mins ago. We came back at 10pm from my mum's place. Tried putting her to sleep at 1030pm but she was too curious about 'Aunty' (maid) sleeping in the living room and keeps inviting herself to Filamie's mattress. We let her fool around for a while but put a stop to it and brought her to the room and closed the door cos it's time for Filamie to sleep. She fussed and whined and ask us to open the door. When I tried to come up with all kinds of excuses why I can't open the door for me (eg. dark, dark, outside may have cockroach or lizard which I can't see), she changed tack and asked hubby to 'bao bao' and go out of the room instead.

But even though hubby carried her to try and pat her to sleep, she struggled out of his arms to disturb Filamie. Luckily, Filamie is already knocked out so after a few rounds of this, she came back to the room. Even with me sleeping besides her on the cot or on the sofa bed, she can't fall asleep. Kept pulling up her shirt to touch her tummy (she passed out dark greenish poo close to 11pm) so we applied some 'ru yi' oil for her. Hubby carry her again to pat her and she fell asleep. After the second round of trying to put her down on her toddler bed, he finally succeeded. This time, hubby learnt from last night's mistake and decided to sleep while she's sleeping cos she's going to keep waking up so he might as well sleep first. Oh well, let's see how it goes tonight. :P

Finally went to Macs this morning for breakfast after a long hiatus. Met up with my preggie friend and her hubby at Bedok Mac to pass her a gift for her baby boy. Bought and assembled some useful items eg. clothes, face towels, mittens, booties, FM dispenser, pillow into a 'home made' hamper. Asked Filamie to help me with wrapping last night but she can't do it. End up, hubby took over the wrapping. ;P Tried to buy a 3 tier steamer from Bedok Interchange but was surprised only 2 electronic stores were left. When I was working at Bedok Library, I remember there were lots of electrical stores. Anyway, the Tefal model I wanted is OOS ($75 instead of $81.90 at Courts/Best Denki) but the shop owner can get it for us earliest by tomorrow. If not, hubby can pick it up anytime he passes by. :)

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