The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Stir fried macaroni with chicken cheese sausage

Bringing RaeAnne to T3 tomorrow because we are collecting the Konfidence swimsuits from Hannah who has returned to Singapore from Australia and helped us to buy there cos it's cheaper. We are meeting at Popeye's chicken but I don't know what is suitable for RaeAnne to eat there. Definitely not fried chicken and I don't want to give her mashed potato as a main meal. Tried that at Ikea, next day her poo poo was so smelly from the potato. ;P

So I started looking for inspiration for tomorrow's lunch. Visited littlegastronomy's blog and decided to try the stir fried macaroni recipe since I have a brand new pack of elbow macaroni. :)

Modified the recipe a little by adding shredded carrots and minced chicken. Guided Filamie step by step except the actual frying. Macaroni was ok, al dente (kept reminding her to check on it). Not too salty also, but the sliced french bean and shredded carrot were still too hard. Told Filamie must fry them a bit longer before adding in the minced chicken and sausage since RaeAnne got to eat it. Will probably need to cut the macaroni smaller for RaeAnne to chew more easily too. Overestimated the portion but at least got some extra for hubby to try. And he said it was 'not bad'. :) Not bad is already his best grading by the way. Stingy with praises when it comes to food. :/

Oh ya, RaeAnne finally pooed pooed in the toilet bowl today. Today when I wanted to change her diapers, she kept making farting sounds and pointed to her stomach. So I told her I'm going to put her on the toilet seat so that she can poo poo. Accompanied her while she played with my roll of coloured wrapper. True enough, she pooed, quite a bit somemore. Good girl! :)

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