The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Last night, she woke up every 2 hours at 2am, 4am and 630am. Crying and screaming no, no, no! so Filamie couldn't handle her. Hubby had to pat her back to sleep twice and we ended up letting her sleep on our bed when she woke up at 630am.

Tried to toilet train RaeAnne today but gave up after she wet her training pants with pee and another pair of training pants with poo in just half an hour. Brought her to toilet to pee at 1030am but she refuse to pee in toilet. Shortly after that, she peed in the training pants. Decided to hold off toilet training for another week since we are also sleep training her. Too tired to try and do both things at the same time. Give her more time to adjust to the changes also. :P

Tampines Central CC organised an Mooncake festival celebration at the Central Park and we decided to participate. Hubby wasn't so keen to buy tickets as he felt we can always 'gatecrash' cos the park is an open place for public anyway. I agreed with him simply because it wasn't convenient to buy tickets when the RC only opens from 730pm to 10pm. But when Teacher Chris asked me if I want tickets, I decided to buy 1 from her cos the goodie bag consisted of popcorn, pomelo, lantern, mooncake. Sounds not bad for $3 lor.

Anyway, we reached the park pretty late, close to 8pm though the event starts at 630pm cos we went to Tampines Mall for dinner. Told hubby tired of cooking dinner for her since RaeAnne hardly ate her rice for lunch again. Though she did drink half a bowl of the herbal chicken soup I made instead. She ate a bit of steamed fish and some fried french bean with minced pork and prawns. At the food court, I ordered a seafood porridge for her and asked the chef to make it less salty (the porridge is still a bit salty but quite tasty). She was happy to eat the fish slices and the prawn but as usual didn't eat a lot of porridge. Ordered satay bee hoon for myself and Filipino food for Filamie though she didn't enjoy it. Don't know exactly what she is saying but essentially, she prefers rice dishes, maybe different parts of Philippines, they eat different types of food bah. Cheh, wasted $4. Should have ordered mixed veg rice for her instead, it'll be cheaper and she'll like it more.

RaeAnne didn't enjoy 提灯笼 though we bought a nice hello kitty one for her at Bedok, a design she chose herself. It was too long for her to hold and she didn't like the music. But she loves the popcorn that was given and I was too tired running around trying to collect the pomelo, popcorn and goodie bag (all DIFFERENT collection points :P) that I just let her eat to keep her quiet so that she would allow Filamie to carry. Hubby had gone back home to park first cos there were no empty white lots at all. She ignored me and the lantern when I was trying to take her photo, too engrossed in her popcorn. :P

Only managed to take a better photo with the lantern after Daddy came. Don't know where she learn to make the victory or '2' sign from but she looks cute posing for this photo with Daddy. She also tasted the Malay fish keropok strips that I ordered, only 4 strips for $1. Cheap Cheap! Didn't stay long at the even since RaeAnne didn't particularly enjoy herself and she hadn't had her shower yet so we left around 840pm. Hubby and I concluded that maybe she'll enjoy Mooncake festival more next year when she is 2.5 years old. :P

Passed by ILs block and hubby joked that we should bring RaeAnne to Nai Nai for shower. Told him Nai Nai may not be at home. RaeAnne heard our conversation and walked into the 'empty' lift to go up to Nai Nai's place. So, we decided to pop by and see. Nai Nai and Bo Bo were at home and happy to see her. She called 伯伯many times too. We left at 915pm cos had to start the battle of sleep training again and the adults need to come back early to shower.

I don't know exactly what time she fell asleep tonight cos I had knocked out in her little cot bed with her but when I woke up it was 11:25pm. Both hubby and Filamie had knocked out as well. She stirred in her sleep and got up close to 1140pm but luckily I walked past her room and quickly went in to reassure her before she started crying. Had to lie down with her for another while more until she went back to deeper sleep. Keep fingers crossed for now.

Was reading the Gina Ford book and there was a chapter on how to prepare the toddler for no. 2 so I realise I need to do more to get RaeAnne used to the idea that Mummy needs to spend time with Mei Mei eg. BF which will take a long time. Brought her 'Mei Mei' babydoll back from ILs place. Plan to pretend to BF Mei Mei, change Mei Mei and shower for Mei Mei. Will try to teach RaeAnne the right way to 'sayang' Mei Mei, be quiet when Mei Mei is sleeping, be patient when Mummy is BFing Mei Mei.

Today, I tried to nurse 'mei mei' doll and she snatched the doll away and make 'suckling' sounds herself. Faint! :P Told her Mei mei has no teeth so can only drink mummy milk whereas she can eat all the good food. Don't know how much went in her little head though. I can only try bit by bit and hope she will be more understanding over time. Too bad I don't have a crying doll cos that's what Mei Mei will be doing most of the time. :P

The customised taggie pillow case that I ordered from BP for Raelynn arrived by post today. Looks bigger than I thought it would be, I had ordered only the case since will be recycling RaeAnne's beansprout pillow. Not sure if taggies will really help baby as a bedtime comfort toy to sleep better but hope Raelynn likes it cos it's really not cheap to customise something like this. :) Too bad I don't have a sewing machine nor sewing skills. :P

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