The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First visit with Mummy to see Mei Mei

Today is my gynae visit and a Wed so MIL has karaoke and can't help to look after RaeAnne in the evening so we decided to bring her along with us to TMC. I was happy cos I'm already 7 months but RaeAnne has never joined us to see 'Mei Mei'. Think it's an important experience to know that Mummy has a living being in the tummy cos the concept of Mei Mei is still very hazy at this young age. Worried that she think my belly is called Mei Mei cos MIL said whenever she said Mei Mei, she'll want to lift up MIL's shirt to find her belly. :P

We were the last patients for the day when we arrived there close to 630pm. Raelynn's 29 weeks and 1 day. She is 1.4kg so still medium size baby. Dr Wong projected her weight to be 3.1kg or 3.2kg at 40 weeks. But my weight is now 53.9 which means I gained 3.2 kg in 1 month. Faint! :P Both Dr Wong and the nurse advise me not to go on diet though cos baby is only medium size not overweight. Duh... Hope I don't go beyond 60kg for no. 2. :P

Mei Mei was head down and very cooperative during the scan, can see her opening her mouth to drink water, yawning and moving her hands to rub her face. So cute. Wonder if Cheh Cheh caught her actions though. She looked blur blur when staring at the Ultrasound screen, halfway through started to turn her head back to Dr Wong's couch liao. and said 'bear bear'. Think she finds the soft toy bears more interesting thatn her Mei Mei. Haha. ;P

Dr Wong passed me the hospital packing list today and asked me to pack it by 36 weeks. She said after next appt (12 Oct, 445pm), I'll be seeing her once every fortnight cos counting down liao. Wa, feel kancheong hearing this cos I've neither trained RaeAnne to sleep on her own nor toilet trained her. ;P

Had to book my room at TMC today, chose single bedded room cos I can't stand sleeping with someone else, need my privacy plus I want hubby to sleep over with me. Initially wanted to choose Single Premier cos it was only $58 more per night ($488 now) and had the bedside internet terminal and the room is more spacious but end up the PSC clerk said the price will increase on 1 Oct to $588 so forget it. I won't pay $100 more per night for that. Not as if hubby's medical benefits will cover for my bill. Cheh! Saw a couple who were doing admission registration. They opted for single bed rooms but the clerk informed them that they are out of single bed rooms. The Mummy has to be lodged in 4 bedded until tomorrow morning when patients discharge. Faint! Hope the day I deliver won't be a 'hot' day like today. :P

RaeAnne slept earlier tonight at 1045pm, 1 hr improvement from yesterday. Think partly it's because she has such a short afternoon nap (1 hr only according to MIL due to the noisy lift upgrading works at their block) so total she had only 9.5 hours of sleep from last night and today. She refused to drink milk when I tried to feed her close to 10pm, had to put the milk on the warmer again. She walked in and out playing with her toys and Filamie. Finally at 1015pm, Filamie told us she pooed pooed. No wonder she didn't want to drink milk or sleep. Hubby changed her diaper then I fed her milk (had to cool down the milk cos too hot by then) around 1030pm. Asked Filamie to go to bed and I lay down on the toddler bed besides her. She knocked out in less than 10 minutes. Must have been so tired, poor gal. She's been sneezing a bit too, must be because her hair was partially wet when we picked her up to go to TMC and I switched on the fan of air con in the car to medium cos the car was quite stuffy.

Must set alarm earlier tomorrow so that I can sit by her little bed and wait for her to wake up. Even though we can't co sleep with her anymore, I still want to be the last person she sees at night and the first person she sees in the morning. :)

Bought durian mooncakes from Goodwood Park Hotel again cos they have roadshow at Century Square. Yummy! Kept in the freezer, the durian filling mooncake tastes like durian ice cream. Too bad there is no lucky draw this time, last year, I won my trip for 2 to Shanghai buying 3 boxes of durian mooncakes, seems like so long ago though, I need another holiday, haha. :)

Finally stocked up on NB diapers for Raelynn but bought Huggies since it was on promotion, $6.45 for pack of 24 NB size and $12.45 for pack of 44 S size. Will receive a Mothercare romper if I send back the receipt. Think will get some Pampers NB from TMC so no need to stock up unless price is right. :)

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