The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleep training part 3

Another long night, tried from 10:15pm to put RaeAnne to sleep in her own room and toddler bed. She only knocked out at 1145pm after crying, screaming, running to the living room to play, asking us to carry her here and there, take things from the kitchen. Hubby had to pat her to sleep. While trying to make her sleep (i was lying on the toddler bed with her), she flipped and turned and nearly fell from the bed, her head was already off the bed but body and legs still on the bed.

Think hubby is almost ready to give up on the toddler bed cos he said let her sleep on mattress better. No matter how she flips also won't fall down. Yeah right but what to do with the Ikea queen size sofa bed and the toddler bed in the room? Dismantle and sell everything? Where is the confinement lady going to sleep. Where will Raelynn sleep? Are we going to go through this all over again in another 1.5 years? Sigh...

On a happier note, in the morning, RaeAnne has a short gathering with her cousins at Sunshine park cos I went to pass some vaccuum bags which I bought from motherhood forum BP to my cousin who's flying to UK for further studies for 1 year. They had a small picnic with Mac breakfast, soy bean milk, tow huay etc. She enjoyed playing with the bubble making machine. :)

RaeAnne woke up at 445pm from her nap, almost 3 hrs cos she slept close to 2pm. Woke up half way at 330pm and we moved her to the bed cos she woke up screaming No No No with her eyes closed and was inconsolable. This continued till she woke herself up. Evening time, we went to Bugis cos there was a 20% storewide discount at Kinokuniya. Thought we'll have a hard time parking and find a place to eat but we were lucky, managed to find a parking lot at B2 and ate at the first Chinese restaurant we pass by: Crystal Jade Shanghai La Mian Xiaolongbao.

Ordered a fish, shark bone soup with chicken and stir fried mini 'Nai Bai' and a bowl of white rice for RaeAnne. Luckily she didn't spit out the rice but it was the first time I see her rejecting soup. Maybe it's because the soup is very thick and fishy. Definitely not the type of soup that she is used to. After dinner, hubby brought RaeAnne to Kino first while Filamie and I finished dinner. He bought some comics while I bought 2 cookbooks (one on cooking for toddlers, one to cook soup and the Gina Ford's The Contented Baby with Toddler book to prepare early for no. 2's sleep training, hope to start a good routine since this time I got a chance to implement and maintain our own routine) :P

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Guazi said...

pauline, jiayoU! hopefully ur bb will have a good sleep routine. Shaun has terrible sleeping problem too when he was an infant till we fed up and introduced yaolan. But of course if possible, pat bb to sleep is better than yaolan anyway.