The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

First visit to T3! :)

Brought RaeAnne to Giant today cos we are looking for a small colour box for her to keep her books in the living room. After my recent spree at bookdepository, she has more than 20 board books now. But because I don't have a proper bookshelf for her, all her books are kept in the top shelf of her wardrobe. Out of her reach, out of our sight and therefore out of mind. Not very ideal for cultivating the love for books in our little gal. ;P

Saw one selling at Giant for only $17.99 but the height of the shelf is quite low and would not fit her bigger books. Eyeing a two tier, 4 shelves one that costs $39.90 in light blue. It's bulkier and will take up more space though so decided to pop over to Ikea to take a look. The billy bookcase there starts from $59 but feels light and flimsy and I'll afraid it topple over if she tries to push it. Will go back to Giant soon to get the $39.90 one.

Got this extract from the internet regarding children's bookshelf. Shows that we are on the right track. :) (

Choosing a child bookshelf
As he builds his book collection, let him store it in his own special child bookshelf. Why do you need a child bookshelf instead of letting him share the one you already have? First, out of practicality, he can’t reach the higher shelves, and if he tries to, he could seriously hurt himself and send rows of your own books falling to the floor. You wouldn’t want that to happen—especially since, long after the injury has healed, he may be too traumatized to pick up a book on his own again.

Giving your child his own child bookshelf also encourages him to take care of his books. By showing him that books are special, because the stories in them are magical and deserve some kind of care and respect, you send the message that reading (and owning a book) is a wonderful grown-up privilege. You know how children think—they want to feel important, and treated like an adult. So make reading a “serious" business: “This is a very special book, and we’ll give you a very special child bookshelf to put it in."

Storing books in a child bookshelf also make it very convenient for a child to get a book when he’s bored. The desire to read may hit him at the oddest and most inconvenient times, like when you’re preparing dinner, or in the middle of doing the laundry. If his books are kept in a child bookshelf, he can take them out and return them with minimum fuss. He’ll also like the freedom to choose from his collection, which he can browse through freely. Children like having choices and a child bookshelf provides them with that opportunity.

We went to the airport to send 'Ah Ma' (aka Waipo) off in the evening. Ah Ma is joining a group of relatives to go to Macau and Zhuhai from 5 - 9 Sept. We reached there in the evening cos we wanted to get dinner there. RaeAnne slept from 220 - 530pm for her afternoon nap. Dressed her up in the red Carters Ladybug playsuit which I bought from spree long time ago. It was meant for 18 months but looks like our gal is still not tall enough cos the pants exceeded her ankle by about 1-2 cm. Daddy said she looked like a little ang pow dressed for CNY. Told him then Ah Ma will definitely be very happy when she sees RaeAnne then cos Ah Ma likes to see her in red and keeps buying red tops for her.

We saw Ah Ma and the other relatives at the departure hall when they were waiting for check-in at Belt 6. They had actually asked me to join them for this family trip but Daddy was not free and I'm not keen to travel alone with RaeAnne cos it'll be very tiring for me to look after her alone. In hindsight, it was good that we didn't join them cos their flight times and itinerary were not kids friendly at all. Eg. their flight was at 915pm reaching Macau at 12:55am. By the time, they reach the hotel, it's easily 2am and the very next morning, they'll be going to Zhuhai. Can't imagine bringing a 19 month old and following that kind of schedule, RaeAnne will be cranky and I'll be shacked out.

The small foodcourt at T1 was super crowded and nothing suitable for kids so we decided to take a skytrain to T3 since both Daddy and RaeAnne has not been to T3 before. Ended up at Dian Xiao Er cos we are looking for chinese restaurant so that it's easier to find food for RaeAnne. Ordered their Pao sheng roast duck, a stir fry chinese spinach with toasted yin yu in superior stock and the daily soup (lian ou pai gu tang). RaeAnne didn't eat a lot cos she had cheese bread and pandan cake while waiting for dinner. End up we didn't manage to send Ah Ma off cos we were still having dinner when they went into customs hall at 815pm.

Nonetheless, it was a good experience cos there was a mini indoor playground right next to Dian Xiao Er and she really enjoyed herself. Would have let her played longer but the other kids were older and quite boisterous so hubby called an early stop to her playtime. Love the photo that hubby took of her. Too bad our camera is not a DSLR, if not, there will be a nice sharp foreground with blurry background effect. :P

My brother met up with us at T3 after my mum went in so she holding gu gu (aka jiu jiu)'s hand to walk walk walk and being carried by him as well. She ran so fast and in her usual wobbly manner that Gu gu was so worried that she will fall flat on her face. ;P

There was also a Crocs shoes sale opposite TCC so Mummy managed to get a pair of black/ruby Disney Minnie Mouse Mary Jane shoes for RaeAnne at only $25. It was OOS when I ordered it for her in an overseas spree a few months ago and the price was $30+. I had even ordered one for myself from BP to match with her but I cancelled and changed into a pair of pink MJ for her when hers was OOS. They don't have it in her size C6/7 though so I bought 1 size bigger in size 8/9. Left my contact down in case they have the same shoes in my size cos I'm still thinking of matching my shoes with RaeAnne's. My pair of Audrey Crocs are quite well worn in the sole anyway. :) The size C4/5 shoes were on offer for just $15 but we blur blur cos my bro hasn't even eaten dinner and forgot to buy a pair for Raelynn. Shucks! ;P

Today is pay day for Filamie. Gave her $30 and got her to sign on the pay summary that Carine had given me on 5 Aug. On Fri, MIL brought her to cut her hair. I wasn't happy that she asked MIL to bring her for hair cut without informing me. Worse, I had already asked her to wash the clothes in the morning and since she was going for hair cut, she didn't manage to wash the toilet in the morning and we had to ran back from ILs place home to keep the clothes at 11+am when the sky turned grey cos she left with Nai Nai at 920am without keeping the clothes. But must admit her mood/attitude seems much better since she cut her hair. More smiley and more yes mdm instead of silent treatment.

Maybe also because MIL bought a BIG bottle of Sunsilk Hair loss shampoo for her and insisted that I give it to Filamie. Sigh, not easy to manage my maid if ILs alternates between treating her like a guest (FIL keeps asking her to sit, sit, sit and even serves her Coca Cola while MIL brings her out without asking me and buys things for her). Even my 2nd aunt joked that if my status in the house worse than the maid since ILs has not shown or voiced any concern for me since I got preggie with no. 2. Don't know whether to laugh or cry also. ;P

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