The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wee wee issues

RaeAnne woke up ahouting No! No! No! and then again at 4am last night to 'ka cheow' me. Noticed that the top of her pyjamas pants are a bit wet and it smells like urine. Bo bian, got to change her diapers and pants as she was fussing. She must have wet herself when in an awkward position cos she likes to put her leg high on a pillow to 'kiao ka' when she sleeps. This morning when I pick her up from playgroup, she wee wee and the urine ended up on her legs and floor. Was surprised cos I changed her diaper just before she went to school cos she pooed pooed around 9am. Turns out her huggies diaper pants was too heavy and had slipped to her mid thigh so when she wee weed again at 11am, the urine flowed down her legs.

Had to get special permission from FIL to leave Filamie at their place in the late morning cos I had to get present for my cousin's 2 yr old boy. His birthday is tomorrow and they are having a celebration at Aranda Country club at 7am. FIL asked me to bring her back so that they can have their naps. Rushed like mad cos ended up helping my aunt to buy a present for the boy too. HP also called while I was out as they wanted to return me my HP. They replaced the motherboard cos the graphics card is spoilt. Luckily I had extended warranty, the bill came up to $735. FAINT! :P

Took a cab back and reached ILs place at 245pm. Only settled half of my errands cos really no time. Sigh, having a maid is so tough when ILs alternates between treating her like a guest/stranger. And worse her work performance is still not on par and attitude has not improved. Yesterday, she poured toilet cleaner into the sides without lifting the toilet seat and did not scrub the rim (she told me she has already scrubbed when I asked her but kept quiet when I pointed out the obvious urine stains to her). Then she used RaeAnne's special food scissors (brand new Henckels scissors which I only used once when I cut fried bee hoon) to cut rags. Asked her why she used that pair of scissors without asking me and she cannot answer. Already told her before that she must ask me before using anything in the house. In the first place, I never asked her to cut the rags. :P

Today, I caught her not locking the door after she went to water plants and using the food knife to cut the bag of organic fertiliser (aka goat shit). As usual, she just gives me excuses or keep quiet and look away when I told her off about her mistakes. Defensive as ever. Since there is no improvement in her work attitude and performance, think I'm better off transferring her early. 长痛不如短痛, rather save my effort to train a new maid and I can save on the monthly $170 maid levy. :P Don't want to end up like some employers who has to pay maid levy for 2 maids because the old maid has not found new employer but their new maid has already arrived.

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