The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, July 3, 2009

RaeAnne's sleepless nights

We have been a lot of difficulty putting RaeAnne to sleep for the past few days. Not only does she sleep late, she shrieks and cries. Thought it may be due to teething, her lower molars are finally cutting through the gum but even when I apply teething gel for her, it doesn't work. Worse, she seems to be scratching a lot and she has rashes around her neck, and a bit of redness around her mouth. Suspect it's food allergy but when I asked ILs, they said she did not eat anything new. But today, I caught them feeding her bits of chocolate chip cookies which I didn't know about. Choc chips cookies may contain nuts or other ingredients, don't know if that could be the reason. Anyway, we had to resort to letting her sleep on our bed with us and even carry her to sleep when she refused to sleep after 1.5 hours or more. :P

Oh ya, I made scrambled eggs with chopped onions and mushrooms two days ago. First attempt, too much onions and the egg look a bit anaemic but otherwise it was ok. :)

Went to see the gynae yesterday, baby is confirmed to be another princess cos still nothing in between the legs. Got to hear baby's heartbeat too. :) Funny thing is after the gynae said she's a gal, she closed her legs and refused to open for the rest of the scan. Gynae said after I say she's a gal, she became shy. ;) Baby is 11.8cm now and my weight is 46kg, gained 2 kg since my last visit at 12 weeks. Thought it's a lot but gynae said I'm on track cos I only gained 4 kg in 4 months.

Told gynae that I want to keep baby no. 2's weight low so that she's easier to push cos I had difficulty with RaeAnne whose head circumference is 34cm. She said big heads are heredietary (she concluded it was hubby's genes) so even if I keep the baby slim, she'll have a slim tummy but a big head. Darn! Really hope this princess has a small head like Mummy then. :P

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