The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meltdown at playgroup

Intended to bring RaeAnne to playgroup today but she woke up at 710am today, an odd timing, maybe cos she slept late at 11pm last night. But I got no choice but to give her milk cos I could hear her stomach rumbling. She was still sleepy so as expected she slept after her milk feed. I got up to have breakfast and wash up. Thought I should let her sleep a bit more, if not, she'll be too tired by 11am.

Brought her to playgroup. She was ok when I was there but still not interacting with the others. Keep pulling hand to take the wooden blocks for her when the other kids are playing with teacher Suriya. I left the room when Teacher Chris was writing on the paper cups and she was so kaypoh that she stood near the table for quite a while.

But the moment I left, she started crying. Even teacher Chris couldn't pacify her. She carried RaeAnne but she continued crying. It got worse when teacher Chris had to come out of the room to bring an Indian gal to the toilet. RaeAnne was wailing inside and banging the door by then. :P Teacher Chris quickly went back to the room when the little gal finished but the damage was done. She was inconsolable, didn't even want teacher Chris liao. I took a peek at the window and she saw me. Oops, that made matters worse. She cried for nearly half an hour.

By 10.15am, I buay tahan liao and went into the room cos I know it's nearly tea break then. I also felt bad cos firstly I sneaked away without telling her and secondly, she has become a bit unfamiliar to the playgroup again cos we hardly went last week and didn't go yesterday. Had to bluff her that i went toilet, why you cry until like that. Carried her and show her different interesting things in the classroom until she calmed down. She was happy enough to take pandan chiffon cake from the teacher after that. Ate quite a bit too. Must be hungry from all that crying.

She was not like this 2 weeks ago. Think Wed's absence from playgroup did make a difference cos we stayed over at ILs place on Tues night. Also this Mon and Tues, we did not stay long at the playgroup, half an hour at most. :P Think she's also learning about separation anxiety. Yesterday when MIL went for Karaoke lessons at CC, she even cried at the door. She's never done that before.

Later on, Teacher Chris said RaeAnne even slapped an Indian boy who came forward to 'comfort' her. Teacher said she was the only one who ever did that. Most kids will just cry on their own. Aiyoh! So embarrassing. Had to remind ILs esp FIL again that they cannot allow her to beat anyone at home. Must scold and tell her it's wrong. Everytime, never scold, let her beat, that's why she end up with this bad habit of beating others when she's angry. :P

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