The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ba luku, blueberries and Jam

Yesterday we went over to ILs place around noon time, FIL said she ate only a small portion of porridge but they have no choice but to give her milk. I brought over a bit of rice that I cooked for lunch (rice cooked with chicken/veg/mushroom stock and sliced mushroom, diced yam, chicken and lap cheong). Hubby gave her the rice and bits of chicken and she kept pointing and saying 'um' 'um' for more. MIL asked me if I added salt, I told her just about 1/5 of a teaspoon into the rice water cos hubby always complain tasteless when I cook kids friendly food. She tasted the rice and said not salty, very sweet. Hope it was a compliment. :P Anyway, I told hubby I rather cook for RaeAnne, at least she's more appreciative of my cooking than you cos he always have nothing to say, when prompted/pressed, he'll patronise me and say not bad then add on 1 or 2 more criticism. So demoralising for the cook. :P

We've been more and more relaxed towards RaeAnne's diet now that she is 18 months. Hope that we can cook a family dinner where she can share our food and eat with us. So, on Sunday, she tried baluku at waipo's house then today, she tried blue berries and she stole jam from my bread. :P

The baluku she took about one small slice all in all, the blueberries, only one (and she doesn't like the skin so got to peel off). When MIL tried to feed her another blueberries, she spat out liao, maybe got distracted by other things on the kitchen table. She made noise and refuse to cooperate when Ye ye was trying to feed her cheese bread so I got no choice but to carry her to the living room where I was trying to eat my breakfast (bread with goober and bread with blackberry jam).

To distract her, I let her feed me as she pinched the bread from my sandwich. But when she pinched too hard and got the jam part (instead of just plain bread), she stare at the white and pink bread and sent that morsel of bread into her own mouth instead of feeding mummy. So naughty but so clever. After she tasted the jam, she kept pointing to the bread and wants me to feed her the jam. I fed her with bits of bread with just a hint of jam and she 'cheated' by picking up only the jam part and licking it off her fingers. Sigh, why do all kids like sweet stuff? :P

Oh ya, tried our best to make her sleep earlier last night, she slept at 10:30pm so that I can wake her up earlier today. She's starting playgroup next Monday so I need her to get up at 8am or she'll be late for school. It was difficult for me to wake up though I already set alarm cos I took cold medicine yesterday. :P At 830am, after I press the snooze button for umpteen times, I finally got up and started washing up. I hoped that my brushing teeth, washing face and toilet flush will wake her but she continued to sleep without even stirring at all. She looked so peaceful when asleep but I had to be hard hearted to wake her. Kept calling her name, noticed that her fingers had some skin tags so I started to cut them off using the nail clipper while continuing to talk to her.

She finally woke up at 840am. Luckily she didn't cry cos she was fascinated by my nail clipper. Changed her diapers and put her on the potty, no poo or pee today though she did pee in the potty yesterday night at Waipo house before her bath. When we finally left the house, it was already 910am. :P Tomorrow, got to try and wake her earlier again. Slowly adjust everyday. :P

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