The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend and playgroup again

RaeAnne slept very little over the weekend. Sat, she only napped for 30mins while we are having lunch at Century square foodcourt and Sun, she only napped for 1 hr when we were going to my mum's place from 2nd aunt's place. Sigh, really don't know how come she can nap so little in the day when she always sleep for 2-3 hrs at Nai nai's place. Whether we stay at home or go out doesn't make a difference. :P She has the bad habit of eating her fingers, biting her fingernail and playing with the piece of fingernail in her mouth. A lot of times, we'll catch her doing that and tell her not to do it but she'll only cry and throw tantrum. Think I've got to buy the 'bitter' solution that people apply on children's fingernails to stop her habit soon. :P

She woke up today at 845am. After I fed her milk and got ready to leave the house, it was already 930am. Too late to pop by the playgroup or so I thought. Then we saw many mynahs downstairs on the grass patch behind the RC so I let her down from the stroller to chase the birds. After that, I pushed her past the RC colourful animal murals to go to Ye ye and nai nai house. But after I pushed past the last animal and headed towards the bus stop, she whined and cried. I thought maybe she didn't have enough of the animal murals so pushed her back once again. This time, I went past the playgroup entrance and asked her if she wants to go in. She nodded her head so off I parked the stroller oustide and brought her into the RC centre again.

I was actually just carrying her and letting her look in from the door peep window since it's already 930am and I'm sure the 'lesson' is underway but teacher Suriya spotted me and came to open the door. So, here we go again, gatecrashing the playgroup. Think we have become habitual gatecrashers. But at least I've already paid for her school fees, material fee, insurance and 2 sets of uniform the last time we gatecrashed so I feel a bit better. haha. After I brought her in and took out her shoes (no shoes allowed inside the RC and classroom), I decided to try leaving her alone, told teacher Chris that I'll go and put her shoes outside then see her reaction.

When I came back, the door was already closed so I peered in from the glass peep window to spy on my gal. She did well, she didn't really join in the songs and dance and kept to the wall initially but later she warmed up and went to touch the car that a little indian boy was playing. She warmed up further when teacher Suriya started showing the kids rambutan and mangosteen. She even allowed teacher Chris to seat her on her lap. So proud of my gal. Even the teacher thinks she'll not have a hard time adjusting. I like to think that Mummy's efforts to keep bringing her to the playgroup to gatecrash helps. hehe. :)

Tried uploading the video clips but got problem with video trimming. Sigh. :P

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