The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

RaeAnne's first school bag! :)

RaeAnne's starting 2 hours playgroup next monday and I only found out from the teacher yesterday that I need to pack diapers, an extra set of clothes, water bottle, lunch box. No way, her cute little backpack, a gift from my auntie will fit lor. So, no choice, got to start looking for a bigger school bag.

The playgroup that RaeAnne is attending is not a childcare centre, they only occupy one room at the RC centre so there are no personalised lockers or pigeon holes for bags. All the school bags and water bottles are put outside the classroom in a common rectangular plastic box.

So, it's quite 'luan'. Since I've gatecrashed many lessons, I always hear the teacher asking "XXX, is this your bag? Is this your water bottle?" Think the teachers are confused especially since they got new students nearly every 2 weeks. :P

So I'm not surprised when the teacher told me best not to duplicate and buy a bag of the same design for RaeAnne. So, I went to survey and took photos of the other gals' bags outside the classroom. I counted Dora, barbie, disney princess, minnie mouse, and barney. I've seen all these designs at Kiddy palace before because they are the most common/popular. If I can't choose from any of these designs, what's left then? :P

In the end, decided to get the personalised Stephen Joseph bag from BP since there's a 10% discount now. My ex colleague got 2 Stephen Joseph personalised bags as gifts for her niece and nephew and they loved it.

It's $43+ after discount and including normal postage. Expensive to some people but we think it's worth it. The Vinyl bag is big (12" x 13.25") so technically can last her until kindergarten. It's also waterproof so I don't need to worry if her water bottle leaks. Wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. And with her name on it, at least I don't need to worry that anyone will accidentally take away my gal's bag.

But I had to check with the supplier first if they could rush it out for me cos normal processing time is 3 weeks for personalisation. Told the supplier if they can't send it to me before next Mon then I won't order liao cos I really can't wait. Will just go find a bag from KP or BHG this weekend though I don't know what design I'll end up with. :P

But I'm lucky, the Gogo cheer that I wanted was OOS but last minute got a client change her order to another design so they had one left for me. They personalised it for me with her name embroidered in light pink and sent out today. Such great service! :) So, I should receive it by this Fri/Sat and RaeAnne will have a new bag for next Monday.

Hope she'll enjoy school and like her new bag. Here's the link in case anyone is keen. :)

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