The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Detailed scan and TMC fish soup

Did my detailed scan on Fri late afternoon. Dr Wong showed us the 3 lines on the ultrasound sound pix, so triple confirmed that it's a girl. :) Baby Raelynn is now 335g, 50th percentile but mummy gained 2.5 kg in 1 month!?! My weight is now 49 kg. I checked my old post. For RaeAnne, I was only 46kg during the DS. Must be all the durians that I ate in recent weeks. :P

Dr Wong was surprised by my weight gain but she said baby is only medium size so please don't go on diet. She said durians are quite nutritious, still ok but cut down on soft drinks if I'm still worried about my weight gain cos it's pure sugar and no nutrients.

Baby's head is also slightly bigger, around 55th percentile and seems like she may have a broad face according to the biparetal circumference. So, Dr Wong deduced that Baby Raelynn probably took after Daddy's face cos Mummy has a small head and slim face. :P

Finally tried the famous fish soup at TMC cafe, had to preorder the day before. It was yummy, not very fishy taste (maybe cos only 3 slices of fish). Noticed that the papaya was not green like the ones CL cooked, so the soup wasn't bitter nor fishy. Anyway, I ordered one to take away and the waitress said since it's frozen, I can keep it for 2 weeks as long as I reboil before drinking. Yeah! Can have papaya fish soup again. :)

I'm down with slight cold and sore throat since yesterday. Sigh, FIL has been coughing since Monday but did not go to see a doctor, MIL also fell sick on Fri, and now it's my turn. Must be the same bug. Hope it's not H1N1. :(

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