The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home alone today...

Haven't been home alone for the longest time that I have forgotten how it feels like. Hubby is out whole day for his College Day celebration, there's a College day dinner as well so he won't be back till 11+pm. Since he's back so late, we planned to leave RaeAnne at ILs place tonight and actually she didn't come home to sleep since last night. Yesterday, when I went over to ILs place in the morning, MIL said she wanted to let RaeAnne stay over yesterday night. I asked her if she will be too tired looking after her for 2 consecutive nights and she said it's ok.

So, we thought ok, we'll leave her there for 2 nights then. But last night, FIL asked RaeAnne to wear her pants and follow us home. At evening time, hubby said she told him if RaeAnne wake up early on Sat morning, she'll bring her to the market. Which means up till evening time, she still wanted to let RaeAnne stay overnight. But around 9pm, when we were preparing to go off, Hubby asked MIL again and she said see whether she wants to go home or stay. Totally confused by the mixed signals. Think MIL wants to keep RaeAnne but FIL is not keen so MIL don't dare to openly disagree with him. Anyway, in the end, we left RaeAnne at ILs place firstly because I don't want to 'disappoint' MIL and secondly because once our maid comes, there'll hardly be a chance/need for her to stay over at ILs place.

This morning, first thing I did when I woke up was check for RaeAnne, how come she's not on the bed. Did she fall off? Or was she in the cot? Then I remembered that she slept at MIL house last night. :P

Went for Popeye chicken at T3 with a preggie friend today to fulfil our cravings. Too bad, the mashed potato and biscuits were OOS. :( I reached ILs place around 5pm and RaeAnne was happy to see me but not terribly excited. She's always like that if she spends the night away from us. ILs said last night, she slept only at 12 midnight. I'm not surprised cos yesterday afternoon, they let her nap for 3 hours. ;P I let RaeAnne try the organic ducky biscuit that I bought from T3 but turns out it was too salty and crumbly. Not a good snack so only gave her one.

I left around 7+pm after bringing RaeAnne to the park with MIL. Was so hot and tired by then cos I was wearing black t shirt and jeans and ILs house is very warm with afternoon sun. Also too chicken to go back into the house and hang around because I know she will cry if I say bye bye and leave her behind. So I left in the same lift before they reached the door. :P

Found a few very cute, smiley photos of her at Isetan Tampines when she was trying on the crocs shoes last month. Forgotten to upload these pixs earlier. Really miss her lots now. :)

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