The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First time in history

Today is a significant day cos tonight is the first time when RaeAnne doesn't want to go home with us. Hubby tried putting her on the stroller 3 times but she resisted and slide off the Maclaren stroller each time. Then when we asked her to say bye bye to Ye Ye and Nai Nai, she hugged Nai Nai around the neck and protested until Nai Nai carried her. Then she pointed to Nai Nai's bedroom. Ye Ye and Nai Nai carried her to the bedroom and she lay on the bed happily while we waited outside in the living room.

After a short while, we tried asking her to come home with us again in the living room. But she still didn't want to go home. They went back into the bedroom and when Ye Ye pushed Nai Nai's bed against the wall, she laughed happily. Told MIL that it's ok, I don't have to bring her to school tomorrow but must make sure she wakes up early at 8+am, if not, she'll have a problem waking up for school next week.

I went into the bedroom one more time and told her "Gal, if you don't want to follow Mummy then Mummy is going home. Say Bye Bye to Mummy. Usually, she'll want me when saying Bye bye and realising that I'm leaving without her but this time she said Bye Bye happily without any hesitation. Even as we walked off and closed the door, she didn't come out of the room.

So, we left. But it felt strange that our gal doesn't want us and is exerting her independence and choosing where to sleep. Has our gal really grown up? Haha, maybe sleep-overs at ILs place will become more common in future once she grows older. :P

For tonight, hubby can enjoy watching tv while marking his scripts while I slather on as much stretch mark cream as I want to without worrying about RaeAnne putting her face and fingers on my tummy. :)

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