The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Cranky, sleepy gal.

Had a hard time putting RaeAnne to bed just now cos today she napped less than 1 hr at ILs place (disturbed by people pruning trees when she was asleep. Of all days, we had arranged for the insurance agent to drop us the hospitalisation insurance policies that hubby bought for me and RaeAnne. She only left close to 9pm so I quickly showered and gave her milk.

I was lying down with her on the bed after her milk feed but she kept pulling my hair to get me up because I was ignoring her 'bao bao' cues ie. putting her hands on my shoulders and making the 'uh uh uh' sounds. Kept telling her to call 'Mummy', cannot pull my hair but she ignored me. :P

Had to carry her to the window 4 times (kept telling there there is no one around cos everybody go home and orh orh liao) and the fridge 1 time to take magnets (she don't want Daddy to carry, sigh) before she's finally willing to sleep. :P Finally slept at 1020am, hope she can wake up tomorrow before 830am. :P

Oh ya, Mummy enjoyed the pre natal massage at Rustic Nirvana so much that I signed up for their post natal massage. It was much better than the pre natal massage that a Malay lady did for me which didn't relax me or help relieve my lower back ache. Currently, Rustic nirvana have promotion: 5 home post natal sessions free 5 post natal massage & full body wrap to be done at the spa. The 5 home post natal session comes with sea salt application, jamu massage, 子宫收缩,steam session using herbs, 5 baby massage. And a free binder to keep. By joining their Mother2Baby club, I also got another post natal treatment voucher and a free baby hamper when baby is delivered (need to call them immediately after I deliver then they'll send to the ward) So I thought the promotion's not too bad.

Of course, using my 三寸不烂之舌,I also got the sales consultant to allow me the flexibility to swop the 5 spa post natal session to pre natal session and throw in free scrub if I do that. I also got a 1 time Free Onsen soak at the Rustic Nirvana spa and best of all, 1 free Amara Santuary stay at Sentosa worth $250. All the treatments have no expiry except for the 2d/1N Amara Santuary stay which is only valid for 1 year. My best bargaining chip is that I'm a SAHM with no spending power. If they can't give me a good package, how can I justify spending so much $$$.

How much did I spend? hehe, it's a secret, suffice to say that to relieve my guilt, I paid for it using my own credit card and I'm going by installment plan. It's not as expensive as post natal slimming packages which I don't think I'll need so I'll splurge on massages/scrubs and wraps bah.

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