The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainy day... Maid hunting & name hunting part 2

Busy day today, didn't even have time to check forum or play online games. It was raining the whole morning. If I'm not wrong, the rain started at 7+am, RaeAnne woke up at 9am. She said no to the toilet seat and pointed to the potty instead so I put her on the potty, she sat there for a long time. No pee but she did her morning business there. Looks like there is no way I can skip the potty and upgrade her directly to adult toilet at this rate. Maybe because MIL is using potty to train her nowadays. I prefer toilet seats cos no need to wash the potty mah. Only need to flush. ;P

Anyways, I waited from 930am till 1030am but the heavy drizzle never stopped. No one to help and RaeAnne's porridge time is drawing close so I had no choice but to push her in the stroller in the rain. The maclaren has a rain cover so she was quite dry but poor mummy ended up being wet cos I can't even use an umbrella, only put on hubby's cap cos I need 2 hands to push and manuveure the stroller. :P If it were my mum, I'm sure she'll call and check if I need help bringing RaeAnne over in the rain. Hiaz. :P

Carine from the maid agency also sent a new Filipino maid biodata, 31 years old with exp in Philippines, look after children before (5 yrs old and 8 yrs old), has an 8 year old son. Looks pleasant and already has passport. Asked to screen first if english is passable and willing to compromise on off days and HP usage. :P

Went down to 缘中秀 last night, really need to change our RaeAnne's name. We didn't get our wish to keep to same sounding characters. Can keep qi2 sound if use 旗 instead but not 慧 cos qi doesn't go well with hui. :P 大师 gave 4 suggestions, checked online, all 98 out of 100 marks.

But I didn't really like the names so stayed up till 3+am last night to check online for more names based on ideal stroke count of 11, 14, 10。 Luckily, I burned midnight oil last night cos 大师 is travelling tomorrow so Steven managed to check with him regarding the new names I came up with this afternoon when i went down to the shop again.

All but 1 of the extra names I provided are approved. Too bad, the name that I like best cannot be used cos is a very unique hui4 (恵)but can't be found in 康熙字典。 I managed to find the character while poring over dictionaries at Popular though, even bought the dictionary to show the yzx staff but 康熙字典 is gold standard for name choosing, other dictionaries don't count. :P

Already shortlisted a few names but not sure what to use for RaeAnne. Waiting for hubby to make final decision. Will also choose a name for Mei Mei from these ideal names so can save $$$. When I have her 八字 from her dob and time, I'll confirm which name to use depending on whether she has any missing 五行elements.

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