The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Maid hunting & name hunting

Didn't blog for many days cos was busy hunting for a maid. Had a rude awakening when the maid agent (one of the 4 I asked) told me that I may not be able to get a maid in by hubby's in camp training. The last maid agent was the most responsive. Actually it was serendipidity that I got to know this maid agent. After the rude awakening, the next day, I was prepared to go to Katong and start poring through biodatas again. But that morning, RaeAnne woke up early so I decided to swing by the RC playgroup again before she forgets the place. It was then that the teacher mentioned that one of the parents owned a maid agency. Coincidentally, while I was there, the parents came to drop off their 2 gals (Peishi and Peixin). Peixin was born on 31 jan, a week after RaeAnne so they'll be attending playgroup together next month. :) That evening, Peishi and Peixin's papa, Colin came down to our place with his staff and they spent 2 hours here understanding our needs/environment and showed us a few biodatas. I shortlisted 3, two are preferred choices but they don't have ready passport. Anyway, worse case scenario, MIL already said she is willing to help look after RaeAnne at night if hubby cannot come back at night during ICT. Wish it won't come to that but better to find the right maid then rush and anyhow take. :P

Was also busy thinking of a chinese name for Mei Mei but we went through so many names but when we '算笔画' using online, they were all not ideal. We also calculated RaeAnne's name, it had a rating of 86 out of 100. Sounds not bad but the summary was that it was not good for gals. One of the Jan forum mummies even kindly checked her book for me and told me what no. of strokes to go for. I did manage to find a name with 21 strokes and 20 strokes and got a high rating of 95 but it's still not good for marriage. Hubby thinks it doesn't really matter, he said by the times our gals grow up, maybe most women remain single. But to me, a happy marriage is still very important because for women, if they don't marry, they won't ever experience pregnancy, childbirth and caring for a child. There'll be a a piece of their lives missing. Then again, maybe I'm more traditional. :P

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we went down to 缘中秀 at century square to calculate RaeAnne's chinese name first. Luckily, there's a promotion now so only $118 excl gst instead of usual $168. Hope we don't have to change her name cos everyone is already so used to calling her Qihui. :P

P.S. RaeAnne only napped for half an hour today and she was extra grouchy. Wanted to visit my second aunt to pass her photos from the waraku gathering but didn't managed to do it cos RaeAnne didn't nap when we tried to make her sleep from 12+ - 2+pm. Luckily, she decided to pop by with some nutritious soup for me and cooling brew for hubby. She helped play with RaeAnne while I cooked her dinner. :)

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