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The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

RaeAnne's new Chinese name... (Part 3)

We have finally decided on RaeAnne's new Chinese name. Last time, we checked online using only but the website wasn't so good because only tell you how many 吉 or 凶 but didn't elaborate what is bad about it. So, we thought RaeAnne's name got 3 吉 out of 5, considered not bad lor. But the name is actually not so good for gals. :P This new website is better and in a way prompted us to research further and in the end, decide to consult a shifu on her name before mei mei is born cos mei mei will also be using the first 2 characters.

彭钟桦大师 gave us 5 suggestions 张绮真,张绮芳,张绮娜,张萁烠,张萁烜。But I still prefer the new name to sound as close to her original name of 张祺慧 as possible. First of all, we are already used to calling her Qihui or Hui Hui (by ye ye and nai nai) and she's starting to respond to her name and even tries to imitate her name. Don't want to confuse her by changing to a totally different name. :P Secondly, if the chinese name is close to original, then we won't need to change her dialect name which is Teo Kay Ris.

So after Mummy's research online, possible names were increased to 张旗真,张旗珍,张旗芯,张旗恩,张旗芬,张旗芳,张旗玲, 张旗芮。Too bad, 张旗恵 could not be used as 恵 cannot be found in 康熙字典。Because 恵 is a variation of 惠 but not found in 康熙字典, even if I use it, it will be counted as 12 strokes instead of 10 so defeats the purpose cos go against the ideal stroke count given by shifu. :P

I prefer 旗 over 萁 even though both are qi2 because 旗 is more common and sounds more positive (think of 旗开得胜). Whereas 萁 is from 豆萁 (stem of the bean plant)and I don't want her to have to recite the 曹植 (曹操's third son)'s poem
everytime people ask her name is which qi. Not everyone knows this poem anyway esp those whose chinese standard is not so good. :P Also, 旗's 五行 is also 木,so it makes up for the missing 木 element from her 生辰八字.

In the end, we decided on 张旗芮 because Rui4 sounds like Hui4 and 张旗芮 gels with Teo Kay Ris. Checked with ILs this evening and they are also happy with 张旗芮 cos it sounds like the original name. And yeye is already so used to calling her Hui4 Hui4, change to Rui4Rui4, still not too bad. Hubby said it's predestined that she has to use rui4 for her name cos when we told friends that we are naming our gal RaeAnne, they all think that her chinese name is Rui4en1 even the playgroup teacher. Hehe.

MIL shared that she also wanted to change hubby's and BIL's name cos she consulted a shifu before. But in the end, she didn't do it. Cos they are already in Primary 6 by then more mafan to change. She also said for no. 2, better ask shifu to suggest names again. I was thinking of saving the money since I already have several good gal names to choose for Mei Mei but she's worried about the 生辰八字。Ok, will probably sign up for the name service for Mei Mei while they are still having the $118 promotion then. Nai Nai said 张旗恩 sounds good so maybe can consider for Mei Mei's name too. If not, 张旗玲also good since Daddy decided to name no. 2 Raelynn(e?).

PHEW!!! Mummy can finally breathe a sigh of relief after such a long name hunting process. Hope RaeAnne understands why Mummy and Daddy decided to change her name and is happy with her chinese name. :)

Brought RaeAnne to playgroup today and let her try staying there for 2 hours while I waited outside chatting with Colin's wife (maid agent). 9-10am no problem, she didn't even look for me. But 10am when the kids came out to wash hands for teabreak and she saw me then she start to cry on and off wanting to come out of the room liao. I notice she always does that when her favourite teacher is out of the classroom (bringing the kids to toilet). Next time, when she starts playgroup proper, I'll leave her there then disappear so that she won't be able to look for me.

ILs said she was so tired after the 2 hour playgroup that she actually 趴着睡。Haha. She slept a bit earlier at 1030pm today too, probably because she woke up before 8am today. :)

Oh ya, RaeAnne surprised me by sitting a long time at the toilet bowl this morning and she even poo poo there so mummy no need to wash toilet bowl. I carried her and let her flush the toilet herself as a reward. :)


The Kam family said...

So happy for you :-) Finally can end your long research! It sounds nice, by the way!

Piggy Family said...

Thanks, ya, I also feel so relieved. Hope that she'll have a smooth sailing future and a happy marriage next time. :)